Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 28, 2020-January 4, 2021

weekly tarot reading

Deck depicted is the ‘Holly Simple Tarot‘ deck.

The Hermit and The Sun

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on the 29-30th. We are also entering the first days of 2021! It is a powerful week of releasing, recharging, and renewing.

The Hermit’s energy continues to call to us. It wants us to listen to its wisdom and grow from this experience. It is asking us to quietly and intentionally enter the new year.

The Hermit is teeming with passion and appreciation for life. He is aware of the preciousness of existence. He is aware that each moment is fleeting.

In his bones, he feels how short our time is on earth. This knowledge does not make him depressed or anxious, instead it gives him a beautiful perspective. He inhabits the moment, he doesn’t take anything for granted, and he does not stress the small annoyances.

He has grown a profound bond with himself and the earth. He walks in gratitude, grateful to be alive and to spend time on this magical planet. He looks around and says, “This won’t be here for long. I will love it as long as I am able.”

Many of us feel tired of this energy because of social distancing and quarantining. But this card calls us to use this time to go deeper. To be introspective and curious about who we are.

If you are a natural introvert this is an easier ask of you. But if you are more comfortable being social with others, it feels like much more of a challenge.

But the Hermit tells us that we can feel invigorated by sending time alone. We can learn a lot about ourselves from going within and seeing what is at the core.

Some of us are in need of guides, therapists, or healers for this work, and others need solitude in the truest sense of the word. Whatever you need for your growth and mental health, make sure you take it.

This is a powerful time where we can observe ourselves and see both our strengths and our flaws. We can work on things we have wanted to address and build up our power for when we reconnect with the world.

Through quieting our minds we can let divine messages in. We will see new insights and get closer to our personal truths. If you have been struggling with what direction you should take or difficult decisions of any kind, The Hermit energy will be very supportive for finding clarity.

The Sun is about embracing our senses and immersing ourselves in the moment. It asks us to breathe deeply and take in some natural beauty. It says to ground ourselves in the here and now.

The Sun is joyous and calls us to deep gratitude. The card shows rays of light flowing out into a loving Universe. This is a bright card, full of optimism and hope.

This level of joy might not feel natural. We might be caught up in heavier emotions. So if the vibes of The Sun card don’t feel like your thing right now, just take a moment to do something totally immersive instead.

Engage your five senses through cooking a spicy meal, putting on some essential oils, or listening to the wind on an evening walk. Focusing on your senses will take you out of your head and help you connect to this energy.

The Sun card calls forth the ideas of life, death and rebirth. It offers the gifts of presence, hope, and faith. This is a card of healing, especially when it comes to our emotions.

There is joy on the horizon, along with a new sense of safety, protection, and recovery. The Universe wants us to know it is holding us, even when we are disconnected and heavy. The Universe has our back even when we can’t feel it.

Mantra for the week: I enter the New Year with intention and presence. I am healed and protected by the the Universe.

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