Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 6-12, 2021

Weekly tarot

Queen of Cups and Six of Wands

The cards this week speak to our emotional power and our ability to overcome any obstacle. They share their intelligence and strength to guide us to a place of peace.

The Queen of Cups calls us to tune in to our emotional world. She is deeply empathic, sensitive, and creative. All queens in Tarot are connected to the element of water, so the Queen of Cups is the most watery of them all.

The Queen of Cups brings her soothing energy to help us feel calm and protected. In one hand she holds a chalice, the contents of which are not revealed to us. In her other hand she holds an egg, a symbol of nature and fertility. Her energy radiates both mystery and protection as she reflects on the water’s edge.

Boundaries and emotional intelligence are powerful gifts of this queen. She only lets the most trustworthy people enter her inner sanctuary. Her wisdom and experience have made her selective with who she shares her time and heart.

She shows us what we need in order to heal and connect to our true selves. She has deeply aligned with her Goddess energy. This energy is present for us if we choose to connect to it.

The Queen asks: What boundaries do you need for protection and self-care? How can you be more selective with whom you share your vulnerable side? What can you do to nurture your spirit and connect to the natural world?

The Queen of Cups is helping guide the way to the energy of the Six of Wands. We need our strength and moment to reflect after the hard work of our next card.

The Six of Wands depicts a joyous scene. A white banner of peace is threaded through six wands on a grassy hill. A laurel wreath sits atop as a symbol of recognition.

This card is also referred to as Victory. It is about fighting for what you want and finally being victorious. It is about taking on an obstacle and winning in the end.

This victory could vary greatly depending on where you are in your life. It could be a milestone you need to pass, a relationship hardship to overcome, or a difficult spiritual phase to step through.

Whatever your hardship, this card is here to tell you that you will make it through to the other side. With hard work and passion, you will come out a winner.

We should feel proud and take time to honor the work we have put into achieving our goals. There has always been a struggle before this card appears, so we need to take a moment to rest and celebrate before moving forward.

Pain and confusion are usually present on our path to success. We may feel both excited for our victory and exhausted from the fight. Please know that you are amazing for all you have done so far and the Universe is cheering you on.

This card also reminds us we have always made it through our most difficult days. No matter how hard, we were able to survive. So when something comes up in our future that seems too hard to overcome, we are filled with the strength from our past to know that we can do anything.

Mantra for the week: Boundaries are a loving way to protect and sustain my energy. Through the battles of life, I always come out stronger and wiser.

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