Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 19-25, 2018

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The Wheel of Fortune and 2 of Disks, Change

When I was shuffling the cards for this week one jumped right out, eager to be heard. It is a card that comes up often for us but we have not received it in many months. It is a reminder of how lucky we are to exist on this planet and that we only need to ask for what we need if we want to continue to expand and grow.

It is one of my favorite cards. I am drawn to its blues and greens and the positive, sparkly energy bouncing off the images.

Fortune has a very clear message: to set our sights high. We often limit ourselves with small goals and small asks, but Fortune says reach for the stars.

We cannot see what is beyond our own dreams. However their is no limit with Fortune because the Universe will set our sights even higher than what we can personally imagine.

If you remember, Fortune is ruled by the bountiful god Jupiter (in Greek mythology, Zeus). Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and without Jupiter’s gravitational pull, our planet would not be intact.

For life on Earth to exist we need to have the right elements, we need to be a perfect distance away from the Sun and we need a big planet like Jupiter to help shield us from asteroids and comets.

Without Jupiter we would not be here. So Jupiter is our good luck charm and our protector. And its energy is helping to open doors and bring prosperity.

But here is the trick: we have to ask for it.

The Universe and the special powers of Jupiter cannot bring us what we want, or even greater, if we don’t ask.

It is the beautiful reminder that we need to set our sights high. It is the loud reminder not to limit our dreams. It is warm reminder that universe wants to give you the all you desire, you just have to ask for it.

What is lovely about humans is that we all want really similar things: loving relationships, healthy bodies, fulfilling work, and a sense of peace.

The flavor maybe different for each person, but the general desires are really similar.

The great thing about being part of this world is that the universe wants to give us everything! The key is to believe we deserve it and then to ask for what we want.

But that is so much harder than it seems.

We need to unlearn a lot of those old messages that tell us to accept less than we deserve. Those messages that tell us we are not worthy of love. And those messages that say, fulling and peaceful lives are for other people.

I am sorry for anyone that has hurt you in the past and anything that has made you question if you are deserving. You are.

We have all had those experiences that have made us question if we can truly have the life we want. I know I have have many doubts about my ability to fulfill my dreams.

But Fortune wants us to know, the first and most powerful step to achieving your goals is believing you are deserving. Let me say that again, the FIRST and most POWERFUL step is believing YOU ARE DESERVING!

How can you start to believe this week? How can you let self love in and doubts float away?

I suggest using the mantra: I am worthy. Say it as many times as you can this week. Whenever you are questioning or whenever you are feeling low, simply whisper it to yourself.

See how this shifts your energy and allows you to ask the Universe for what you desire.

Change is our champion card this week. It is a lovely card indicating transformation.

This card’s symbol is a powerful snake in the form of a figure eight. When put on its side, it is an infinity symbol.

The snake is here to show us that we need to continuously shed out skin in order to grow and the infinity symbol shows us that change is a constant.

This means you will be aided by a movement of energy. There is change in the air, and since it is in the Disks suit, this might be focused in the areas of your career, relationships, health or finances.

Life is never stagnant, it is always moving. Change reminds of this and wants us to feel comfortable with the flowing tides.

The 2 of Disks instigates change. So if there is something that has needed a shift, Change will help this process along.

If you resist change, the 2 of Disks might push for it anyway. It is said, whatever we resists persists, and that is part of the lesson for this card.

There are more powerful and disruptive cards of change in Tarot, such as the Tower and Death. If we do not take stock of our lives during this time and embrace the necessary changes, a more disruptive change might occur.

The 2 of Disks is a gentle reminder to never be stagnant and to embrace the movement forward.

Let the vibrations of fortune and change push you forward into a positive place. They are here to support your beautiful growth.

Mantra for the week: I am worthy. I embrace positive change. 

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