Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading February 3-9, 2020

weekly tarot reading

The Prince of Disks and The Emperor

This week we have a Full Moon in Leo on the 8th-9th, and the cards are amplifying the Moon’s message of courage and strength. They are calling us to connect to our past and move forward with power. 

The Prince of Disk is a card about how we view what has hurt us. The prince is in a heavy chariot with boulders pressing at his back. With each move he can feel their weight against him.

These boulders and the cumbersome chariot could make the prince feel weighed down. He could become dark and resentful for having to carry these burdens with him. 

Or he could see his past, the experiences he went through, as invaluable to his path forward. They make him wiser, more savvy, and empathetic to others. 

He has seen a thing or two and knows what not to do. He knows how to avoid unnecessary struggles by making smarter choices. 

This does not mean that we have to be grateful for the painful things we have gone through. Some things are just terrible and should have never happened. 

But it is how we choose to carry those things that matters. We could allow our past to push us down with each step, or we can love ourselves deeper because of it.

The Prince of Disks calls us to see how we carry our pain and how we view our story. It wants us to see if we can adjust the way our past makes us feel.

It might be impossible to see any gifts from your trauma and that is more than okay. But if you are able to move forward with compassion for yourself, you will lighten your load. 

The Emperor is a card about leadership. It is Leo personified with its bright orange and red colors shining vibrantly. 

This card is often meant to show us how we can be a leader for others, but this week it points to showing up for ourselves. It wants us to be the parent we always needed and give ourselves love and strength. 

How can you stand up for your needs this week? How can you build inner trust and authority? What is one thing you can commit to that will help grow you as a leader?

When we make and keep commitments, we start to build authority and trust within ourselves. It can be big or small, but follow through on one thing this week and you will feel your Emperor power growing. 

When we are young we crave consistency and for caregivers to keep their commitments. If you did not experience this, you may struggle with it inside yourself as well.

But this card calls for us to be the strong parental figure we may have not had. To make ourselves safe, stand up for what is right, and keep our commitments. Through these actions we will grow stronger and braver. 

The cards are giving us the tools to embrace the energy of the Full Moon in Leo. If you listen to their wisdom you will experience some powerful growth. 

Mantra for the week: I love myself deeper because of my past. I show up for myself and keep my commitments. 

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