Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 5-11, 2018

weekly tarot reading

Death and The 9 of Disks, Gain

When we pull the Death card our first response might be aversion or fear. We see it in a negative way and do not want to face whatever message the card is offering.

But we should not fear this card. It is not a card of darkness but a card of new beginnings. It is about letting go of the heavy baggage we carry that make our steps more difficult. With Death, we are shedding the past and stepping on to a new path.

Death brings a powerful transformation and the change will definitely be felt. This change could feel somewhat disruptive or it could feel like a breath of fresh air.

Maybe there is something you have been wanting to change or let go of but you have not known how. Look out for the energy of the Death card this week, it will support your efforts and help you find your way.

If you want to plant new seeds and grow a fruitful garden, you will need to pull out the weeds and clear any rubbish that could block new growth. Death helps our new flowers grow and knows change is a natural part of life.

Spend time thinking about the routines, habits, mental loops, negative thinking patterns, relationships, or jobs we need to shed. What in our lives is past its expiration date and needs to be composted?

Be intentional this week about letting go of something heavy and unnecessary. Write it down, say it out loud, draw a picture, or sing a song to the parts you are letting go. Honoring the process of change will help it move on with respect and strength.

The 9 of Disks or Gain is quiet possibly the most lovely card to accompany Death. There will be a space in our lives after we have shed the weight. Death has allowed room for something new and Gain is here to tell us that we will be receiving a gift!

If we did not allow a Death this week we could not gain a new energy. Gain wants us first to be on the look out for financial gain from our hard work and persistence. It also wants us look out for emotional gain as well.

We will shift into a new space in our homes and relationships under the energy of this card. We will be in a more harmonious and joyful place.

Being grateful is connected to the 9 of Disks as well. The number 9 in Tarot is about contemplating the journey you have been on so far and taking stock of what you have. From this place of gratitude more abundance can enter your life.

This card is rarely about an unexpected gain but instead we will feel rewarded from our efforts. The work of the Death card is largely connected to this reward as we will be putting in the hard work of shedding our past patterns and mental baggage.

This extremely powerful work will allow so many beautiful new paths to enter our lives. I am excited to see what Death and Gain bring you.

Mantra for the week: I fearlessly accept change and let go of my baggage. I welcome new and joyous abundance!

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