Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 12-18, 2021

weekly tarot reading

Tarot cards pictured are from the Modern Witch Deck

The Four of Wands and The Emperor

This week is about coming into our personal power and authority. We are seeing how strong we are as leaders and taking time to celebrate our growth. We often don’t see the fire we have inside, but this week we are starting to recognize our flame.

The Emperor card is about positive, solid, and strong leadership. He does not lead with fear, manipulation, or control. Instead, he leads by example, knowing his actions match his values. 

He is confident in his abilities and does not flex his ego. Others see his quiet leadership and are drawn to his energy. He brings out the best in those around him by encouraging them to be leaders as well. He always builds others up and never takes anyone down.

This card is often meant to show us how we can be a leader for others, but this week it points to showing up for ourselves. It wants us to be the parent we always needed and give ourselves love and strength in order to grow. 

How can you stand up for your needs this week? How can you build inner trust? What is one thing you can commit to that will help grow you as a leader?

When we are young we crave consistency and for caregivers to keep their commitments. If you did not experience this, you may struggle with it inside yourself as well.

But this card calls for us to be the strong parental figure we might not have had, by making ourselves safe, standing up for what is right, and keeping our promises. Through these actions, we will grow stronger and braver. 

When we make and keep commitments, we start to build authority and trust within ourselves. It can be big or small but follow through on one thing this week and you will feel your inner Emperor growing. 

If you have felt called to be a leader or wanted to take on more responsibility and power in your life, consider this your sign. Let the energy of the Emperor inspire you, let it move you out of your comfort zone, and let it embolden you to take the lead.

The Four of Wands is a card about gratitude for our successes and celebrating with our communities. It is about seeing how much support we have and allowing this to fill us with pride and power.

The four wands on the card create a beautiful altar with an arch of flowers above. This altar is for a wedding or a spiritual ceremony. It is a place where we honor our community and publicly state how grateful we are for our loved ones.

This card asks us to think about the web of support in our lives. It wants us to share our feelings of thankfulness and celebrate those we love. It wants us to really let in the feeling of being nurtured and belonging. These feelings give us superpowers.

If you have been dealing with doubt or struggling with self-esteem, this card is here to remind you of your sacred community and your personal triumphs. If you have been getting in your head or isolating yourself, this card is here to show you that you are not alone.

Find a way to do something celebratory this week with those you love. Write down all the members of your chosen family. Look at their pictures, call them up, share a meal with them. Remind yourself of how many people you have on your side. Honor them in some way and you will awaken a deep strength within.

Mantra for the week: I step into my power as a leader and I am surrounded by love.

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