Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 17-23, 2017

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The Star and 4 of Cups

You have so much to offer this world. You are full of talents and gifts that are uniquely your own.

The Star is a beautiful and powerful card here to help us see how brightly we shine. The gorgeous creature on the card is basking in the light of her own star. She is letting her gifts nourish her body, mind, and spirit.

She knows what she is good at and is proud of all she has accomplished. This is not in an egotistical way, but in a confident way!

Let yourself be confident and powerful as you move through this week. You truly are amazing.

What is great about The Star card is how she shares her light. She brings her talents and beauty to herself but also she shares this with others.

She holds two goblets full of light. One she pours down over herself and the other she pours into the Earth. This way she can sustain the energy.

By only giving to herself and focusing on herself, she could become depleted. But by sharing with others she can continue to shine.

What are your gifts? What are you proud of? How can you share your light and gifts with others?

Each of us have special talents and knowledge from all we have gone through. How can we use these talents and knowledge to help others?

The 4 of Cups pushes this message even further. The word on the bottom of the card is Luxury and is all about feeling good and grateful.

The water is following freely from opulent gold goblets. Each cup is full while also filling the other cups. There is a balance of giving and receiving that is in perfect harmony.

The message of this card is to take stock of all you have in your life that makes you feel good, especially those who love you. Really soak in all that you receive from others and allow that gratitude to wash over you.

In order to multiply the luxurious feeling of love, we must give back. Like The Star card asks, how can we share what we have?

You may think sharing what you posses will make you have less, but it is actually the opposite. If we share our talents, our love, our positivity, we will only have more.

The balance of giving and receiving will make sure our cup, as well as those around us, are always full.

Soak in yourself this week and really feel your greatness. Then take that great energy and share it with others. If we keep it to ourselves it will only go so far. When we share we will be full forever.

One way to take in our beauty this week would be do something luxurious, such as a long bath. During that bath, think of all the ways you are proud of who you are and grateful for those who love you.

Nourishing yourself will allow you to give to others more freely. I promise this simple act will make you feel like the star you are!

Mantra for this week: I am beautiful, talented, and confident. I give to myself as well as others. I am full of light to share. 

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