Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 31-August 6, 2017

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9 of Swords, Cruelty and 10 of Disks, Wealth

Cruelty; when this card comes up in a reading it is never a happy sign. This card indicates a harshness, a venom, a pain. This pain is being inflicted in an almost robotic way. It is a pattern that is looping. Something is trying to be released but to no avail.

The victim of this attack is blameless, it is all about the needs of the attacker. With this card, the painful pattern must be recognized and stopped.

Look out for a person or entity that is inflicting cruelty. This is ugliness for ugliness sake. Know that there is nothing to learn from this type of person. You must walk away.

Whoever is acting in this way is only adding darkness to this world. And they will have a tidal wave of karma coming their way. You do not want to be around to see this unfold.

The Universe has a way of balancing things out. Though this person or entity might seem powerful now, they will receive back energetically what they have been giving.

But don’t worry!  Goodness will prevail eventually, even if it seems overwhelming and scary now.

I pulled this card when I was in toxic and abusive relationship. This card let me know there was no working things out and there was no lesson or learning to take place. I simply needed to remove myself from the relationship and suck out the venom.

You can’t heal if you are repeatedly being bitten.

In our current world, there are many leaders that are releasing this type of venomous energy. We need to put up protectors and learn how we can healthfully disengage.

With this card, it also asks us if WE are the ones being cruel. Make sure you check in with your self-talk and the way you are treating others.

This is a deep type of cruelty that really needs to be addressed. I can imagine if this is going on, you will know exactly what it points to.

Though the message is simple-block the cruelty and remove yourself from anyone who is bringing you pain, it can be a really difficult thing to do!

There might be a mourning phase that takes place once you step away. If we are used to a way of being or a type of person, it can be painful to change. But know you will feel so much better in the long run. This difficult process will be SO worth your efforts.

And look what is waiting for us: The 10 of Disks, also known as Wealth!

This card is about material wealth and inner wealth. It is about taking stock of the bounty of resources we have as a direct result of our hard work.

It is the perfect card to partner with the darkness of Cruelty. It is tells us that all we have been through has made us true warriors, with a surplus of personal wealth.

We are rich from our experiences and this will lead to a strength that nothing can shake. We must harvest our fruits and share the beautiful sweetness. We can take on anything. And the more we share , the richer we become.

There is so much light out there. And we are so strong. We will prevail.

Mantra for the week: I remove myself from all cruel experiences and people. I block all negative forces. I am strength and wealth incarnate! 

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