Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 31-August 6, 2023

Weekly Tarot

Ten of Clubs and Two of Diamonds

For this week’s reading, we are starting with a little history lesson to explain why I used playing cards instead of a tarot deck.

Tarot originated in Europe in the late 14th century, with the oldest cards found in Milan, Italy. A popular game played with the cards was called ‘tarocchi’ which later became ‘tarot’ when the game made its way to France.

It wasn’t until the seventeenth century that a spiritual practice with tarot cards became popular. By the eighteenth century, people assigned specific meanings to each card and used them for readings.

The 78 Cards in tarot are made up of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Major arcana cards depict milestones from birth to enlightenment, while Minor Arcana are broken up into 4 suits and structured just like a poker deck.

Poker decks actually originated as tarot decks. The suit of Hearts are Cups, Clubs are Wands, Spades are Swords, and Diamonds are Coins. So next time you want to do a reading and only have playing cards, use them instead.

Our first card this week is the Ten of Clubs or Ten of Swords. Whenever we receive a ten card it means we are at the culmination of a journey, something has reached its limit and we cannot go any further.

With the Ten of Swords, this is a good thing as we need to release and evolve. This also perfectly aligns with Aquarius Super Full Moon on August 1.

Through the Ten of Swords, we often find ourselves saying everything is okay when it’s not. We are in pain and the world is in pain. We oscillate between feeling it deeply and not feeling it at all. We cannot take it all in at once or it will honestly be too much.

We have been distracting ourselves with whatever we have needed at the moment. The Ten of Swords tells us that it is perfectly reasonable and normal to use distraction to get through intensity.

Many interpretations of the Ten of Swords speak to how positive or negative thinking creates the circumstances in our lives. They say if you pull a Ten of Swords, you need to examine your thoughts and actions and see how you manifested a negative event.

To me, this is a harmful idea, that our ability to project the right energy is connected to everything we do. I do not subscribe to this belief. Our thoughts do not make bad things happen. Our thoughts can impact feelings, but they do not create negative or positive events.

This idea makes people think their lack of commitment to positivity made something negative occur. And that negative events only happen to those that don’t keep a hopeful mind at all times. Negative things happen to everyone, regardless of their thinking patterns.

Swords rule the mind and thoughts are hard to control, especially after something terrible has happened. But we can let both negative and positive thinking exist at the same time.

We can think how unfair life is and let a beautiful sunset make us feel the slightest bit better.  We can acknowledge that things are tough while also reaching out for support from those that love us.

Part of working with the energy of the Ten of Swords is also letting go of the guilt for the things we have used to get through. To move to the next phase, we will need to be at peace with what we have needed to survive.

Work on your compassion and acceptance of yourself this week. Don’t force your thinking to be too positive if that doesn’t feel right. Through self-compassion, you will find your way.

Our second card this week is the Two of Diamonds or Two of Coins. This card is all about the more comfortable we become with change, the less rigid and fearful we will be. The card calls us to view change with a sense of acceptance rather than tension.

Just as a caterpillar goes through a major transformation to become a butterfly, we ourselves are evolving into a deeper state when we encounter transformative energy.

The message of balance is also highlighted in this card. If a change is coming up for you, make sure you take some time to invest in your foundation. You will need extra care for your body and home to stay grounded.

It can be easy to get lopsided during an adjustment period. Don’t let your needs get neglected or run yourself ragged. Spend some alone time and don’t forget that boundaries are healthy, especially with family.

The Two of Coins will be supporting us through the changes ahead. So if there is something that has needed a shift, this card will support the process.

If we resist change, this card might push for it anyway. It is said, whatever we resist will persist, and that is part of the lesson for this card. So under the Full Moon this week, let’s embrace the movement forward.

Mantra for the week: I accept my emotions and release any guilt. I ground in my body and embrace change.

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