Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 18-24, 2018

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2 of Swords and Ace of Cups

I was sitting in my car this morning, about to go into the grocery store, and a bit of anxiety came over me. And then I had the thought: distraction is THE best way for me to deal with my negative emotions.

When I engage in something or I am distracted deeply enough, with an interesting podcast, a walk in a garden, a complex problem at work, I do not have time to feel bogged down with my negative emotions.  And usually this distraction helps dissipate the intensity of whatever I am feeling.

I honestly thought- it is overrated to have to listen to every emotion and unearth the roots of all my feelings. Sometimes we just need to distract ourselves. 

So much messaging out there is that we have to deal with the deeper issues in order to change our mental state. In that moment I thought, not everyone has to deal with their emotions, sometimes you should just quiet them!  So I popped in my headphones and went into the store.

When it came time to pull my cards for the week, they addressed this thought exactly. The cards said, not so fast. Distraction is not the full answer.

The 2 of Swords is about obstruction and avoidance. The 2 swords on the card make an X, while an eclipsed sun is trying to let light through.

We are obstructing energy from coming through by blocking it. Perhaps by our distractions or by our fear, we are stopping our emotions from giving us the messages they want to give us.

Even if the message is something unhelpful or untrue, we need to listen. When something feels heard, it can let go. If you listen to your emotions you can let them flow out of you and move on.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, this message maybe be wrong. My anxiety often tells me I am unsafe when I am not. If I simply distract myself, the emotion will still be there just not as loud. If I listen to the feeling, without cow tailing to it, it can let go a bit. The emotion feels heard and reassured by me.

This card also points to overthinking, so be careful not to overthink this process. When an emotion comes up, feel it and let it go. Whatever we resist, persists. So pushing down our emotions does not help alleviate them.

Now if your emotion is not listening, gently nudge it to engage back in life with you. This is where the podcasts, calling a friend, or diving into a complex problem comes in. If we have distractions without listening, we will simply be avoiding.

If there is a decision you have been needing to make, this card can also indicate that you are at a mental standstill. The 2 of Swords calls for you to make a decision and get out of your head. You will not progress without action.

Perhaps by listening to the 2 of Swords, the vibrations of the upcoming Solstice, or simply just because, we are about to get some gloriously lovely energy with the Ace of Cups.

The Ace of Cups indicates a time of love and contentment. Things are flowing naturally and easily. You are able to play.  The Universe can send you large amounts of divine energy because you are finally open.

With the Ace of Cups there is no desire to manipulate life in anyway. We are in awe of the way life is on its own. We tap into the flow and see things unfolding the way they need to. We feel a deep sense of freedom and trust.

A zen saying comes to mind for the Ace of Cups: sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. We do not feel we have to control things or make things happen. Spring comes by itself.

This is quite different energy from the 2 of Swords. We get out of our obtrusive and avoiding minds and instead let light shine through us.

Creative energy, romantic relationships, and child like play all blossom under the power of the Ace of Cups. How will you use this energy this beautiful week? Will you listen to the message of the 2 of Swords and Ace of Cups? I hope you do, because so much love is headed your way.

Mantra for the week: When I listen to my emotions, they feel heard and reassured. I am able to let negativity pass through me and open myself up to divine energy. Love, creativity, and play fill my days. I am content.

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