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7 of Cups and 6 of Wands

It’s two in the morning and we are on our phones again. We scroll through endless photos and yet again get sucked into another internet ad. We end up with packages at our front door and a quick boost off the purchase.

The 7 of Cups has cast us in her spell. She whispers in our ear: just take the easy road. We listen to the part of ourselves that wants something that feels good in the moment. We feel drawn into a cycle of instant gratification and we lose our way.

The 7 of Cups is a trap we all fall into at some point. Whether it’s that relationship that feels fun but you know won’t work out, the job that pays the bills but doesn’t advance you in the long run, or even the mindless reality tv that soothes your brain after a long day but doesn’t feed your soul.

We are all allowed these less-than-healthy choices every once and a while. They won’t kill us. We can order too much takeout and skip our nighttime moisturizing routine and there will be no serious consequences.

However, the 7 of Cups wants to make sure you really see through the illusion of instant gratification. These choices get tricky if we start to believe they are making us happy.

Fast pleasure can easily deceive you into thinking that it is something you need. You can start to crave this type of behavior and lose sight of the long term goals.

It is hard to make heathy choices because they usually require more planning and effort. And if you have been dealing with emotional or physical pain, planning and effort are just that much harder.

But what the 7 of Cups really wants is for us to see our cycles and patterns. It wants us to step back and observe what we are doing and notice the ways we might be stunting our growth.

It is not asking for us to be perfect and never again indulge in a quick pleasure. But instead it is asking us to question our choices and see the bigger picture.

How can you start to notice your patterns? How can you step out of some unhealthy routines?

Start by connecting to your long term goals so you feel more motivated to make healthier choices. Spend time visualizing, drawing, or simply writing down what you want to accomplish. This can help whenever you are tempted.

We will also have support from the 6 of Wands this week.

The 6 of Wands depicts a turquoise butterfly flying above a entangled mess of sticks and branches. She has made it out of the darkness and is floating high above it all. She is confident because she knows her strength. She was tested and in the end made it out victoriously.

This card is letting us know we will make it out of the darkness with flying colors. The card wants us to let go of any doubts and trust that we will prevail.

This doesn’t mean we can stop our hard work and no longer examine our choices, quite the opposite. We need to continue our efforts but with the knowledge that we will be victorious.

We can quiet our questioning minds and instead focus on our goals instead. We can let go of wondering whether or not we will succeed. We know we will.

The butterfly is our guide this week. She calls us to tap into our strength and asks us to zoom out so we can see the larger picture. In the end, everything will work out. But what will your journey look like?

Instant gratification will only delay our success. So brush off the spell of quick pleasure and instead focus on the long term goals. Stay motivated by being connected to what you really want.

Mantra for the week: I let go of the need for instant gratification by staying connected to my higher goals. I fully trust that I will rise above the challenges of my life. I am the victorious butterfly.   

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