Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 12-18, 2018

The 4 of Swords, Truce, and Prince of Wands

Take a big sigh of relief. We have made it through a tough patch and we have a period of calmness coming our way.

We are reaching a resting point after some turmoil and stress. Let your body feel the stillness. You deserve a nice long break!

The 4 of Swords or Truce is sending us this message. It knows how hard we have worked and is here to tell us we can take it easy for a bit.

We have pushed through challenges and made it through trying times, and now we are being given some quiet space to recover. It is also a time to build up our reserves.

If this seems like a much needed message, make sure you really soak it up! Let your body feel restored in this period. Take nice long walks and baths. Drink tea. Let yourself feel proud of the work you did to get through.

This quiet time can be put to good use as well. Do not let your brain go completely blank, instead use it to think clearly about what your next steps will be.

Because there is less stress, your clarity will be heightened and you can make better decisions about what you want to do next.

How best can you move forward? How can you build on your strengths?

What can you do to consciously stay in a less stressed place? How can you be strategic about creating healthier relationships and patterns?

These answers will come to you during this time. You will be so connected to this calm place, that you will work hard to keep this energy.

You will be less drawn to dramatic partners or situations. You will find yourself having healthier boundaries and saying no to things that are not serving you.

The Prince of Wands also highly supports this energy.

The Prince of Wands represents a person with high levels of enthusiasm and optimism. He has a young, activity energy and a good sense of humor. He is open to new things without a lot of fear.

His energy is similar to that of the Fool card. He is about taking risk without the fear of being hurt. He is not jaded or bogged down by the past.

This resting period from the 4 of Swords will help us connect with the Prince of Wands energy inside of us. We can let go of our fears from past experiences a bit. We can start to see with more optimism when we think of our future.

The Prince of Wands also indicates a time of rebuilding confidence.

If you find that you are not as confident as you used to be, it is perfect time to gain some of that back.

Connect with activities you used to love. Or try something totally new! Whether is it cooking, dancing, exercising, or being more social. The Prince of Wands wants to tap into our fiery energy and do something active.

If we have previously felt hindered or scared to try something, the Prince of Wands shows up to tell us we can overcome those feelings.

We are about to feel much braver and more hopeful than we have in while. And this all due to our hard work.

We have been pushing ourselves lately, moving past our comfort zones, and focusing on our goals. We are putting ourselves first and want to live our bliss.

These cards time perfectly with the new moon this week. It is the right time to both connect with the stillness from the 4 of Swords and plant our seeds with the energy of Prince of Wands.

I can’t wait to see what you do with the vibes from the cards. I know you will rock it!

Mantra for the week: I deserve to rest in stillness after working so hard. I am building up my confidence and I’m optimistic about the future! 

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