Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 20-26, 2023

Weekly Reading

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Ten of Disks and Knight of Disks

This week starts off with the beginning of Aries Season, which is our Astrological New Year, and the Equinox, when our day and night are in equal balance. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a New Moon in Aries on March 21st.

The cards are here to help us navigate this magical time in the cosmos. They share their wisdom on how best to move forward to support and sustain our energy. The first card we are working with is the Ten of Disks, and it’s a perfect card to support us as we embark on this new season.

The number ten in the Tarot is all about looking back and reflecting at the end of a cycle before we launch forward into a new one. In order to move to an even greater place financially, personally, or professionally, we must first hold gratitude for what we have now.

The Ten of Disks, also known as Wealth, wants us to know how strong we are and how many resources we already have. It is a card about connecting with the richness of our lives.

We are being called to take stock of our wealth. Whether materially, personally, or spiritually, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify that energy. 

Ask yourself: What are the biggest assets in your life? What is going well? What are the things that bring you comfort? What are you grateful for?

Carve out some time to think about your personal riches and write them down. Read them out loud and feel the powerful emotions that wash over you as you hear your words.

When we enter this new season, we are asked to look beyond our material goals and see how valuable an afternoon in nature can be if we let it. Our friends, families, animals, and planet give each of us so much, and under the Ten of Disks, we can really feel it.

Let’s focus on all we have that makes us rich. Think of the things that truly matter to you and make you feel blessed. From this place, we can set our intentions and call in abundance and success.

Our next card is the Knight of Disks, which I see as a mirror to the Ten of Disks, as they both speak to reflection and perspective shifts. The Knight of Disks shows up when we need to slow down and pay attention.

This Knight stands out because it’s the only one in the deck that does not have a horse in motion. The Knights are usually galloping through the land or flying through the air, but this Knight has stopped to rest.

And that is exactly what we are being asked to do. We need to press the brakes and take a moment to ground ourselves. We should not be making big decisions or moving at lightning speed.

The Knight of Disks is in a beautiful field, letting his horse graze as he looks out at the setting sun. Disks are all about the natural world and a great way to recharge is in the loving arms of the earth.

All of these vibrational shifts in the cosmo could potentially deplete our energy. We should make time to recharge and reconnect with ourselves.

How can we pause in nature this week? Where are the spaces that inspire us, that we can spend time contemplating? And what are we called to reflect deeply about at this moment?

It’s important for us to take intentional time to rest before continuing on our journey. If we don’t, we might burn out and need an even bigger break later on. And if we make pausing in gratitude a part of our daily life, we will be able to continue from a more centered place.

Although the astrological energy is shifting quickly, we are called to the grounding energy of the Disks cards. They want us to practice rest and gratitude as we embark on a new season. Through this practice, we will move in power through the days and months ahead.

Mantra for the week: In moments of change, I stay grounded in the here and now. I am grateful for who I am and what I have.

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