Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 22-28, 2021

weekly tarot reading

The Tarot deck pictured is Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds

The 10 of Pentacles and The Fool

With the beginning of Aries Season and a Full Moon at the end of the week, we have both beautiful and fiery energy coming our way. Our cards reflect the excitement and drive we are feeling. They share their wisdom as we navigate the days ahead.

The 10 of Disks is asking us to take stock of the wealth in our lives. Whether it’s financial or personal, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify this energy. 

Ask yourself: What in your life gives you joy? What’s going well? What do you have that brings you comfort?

Spend some time thinking about your personal riches, and write them down. Read them out loud and allow yourself to feel the powerful emotion of gratitude.

The number 10 in the Tarot is all about reflection at the end of a cycle. In order to move to an even greater place (financially, personally, or professionally) that act of being aware and grateful for what you have now is crucial.

The Universe wants us to acknowledge all that we have in order to give us more. Be careful when acknowledging the negativity, we don’t want to get sucked into a cycle. We need to process what may not be going well but remember all of the positives.

The 10 of Disks, or Wealth, wants us to know how strong we are and how many resources we have. It is a card about connecting with the richness of our lives.

Our family, friends, and physical bodies make us rich. The plants, animals, art, music, and intelligence of our planet make our cup run over. We are being asked to look beyond our financial goals and see how valuable even a wildflower can be if we let it.

Our next card is the Fool. This card is connected to the youthful spirit in all of us. It highlights a child’s fantastical imagination and creative mind.

It is the first card in the Major Arcana and brings the energy of a new soul that is not familiar with the trials and tribulations of life.

The Fool is all about taking risks and lightening our emotional baggage. If the card had a mantra it would be: “Leap and the net will appear.”

The vibrations of this card push us to move through our fears in order to step into the present. The Fool calls us to focus on areas of our lives where we want to take chances.

Starting new relationships, business ventures, or projects are all connected to The Fool. This card is most activated when fresh paths are being taken. It is the perfect card to guide us during the firey and goal-driven Aries Season.

So ask yourself: What adventure do you want to embark on? Is there a project you want to start? Do you want to open your heart to new people? Do you want to open your heart to yourself?

This Fool can bring up fear. Many of us have become too familiar with pain, heartbreak, and failure and these things make us afraid of leaping. But the Fool has faith in the goodness of our being and asks us to lovingly take down our walls. 

This week, focus on the things that bring you gratitude. Think of what truly matters and what makes you feel rich. Then think about what you really want to go after and believe you can make it happen. Leaps of faith are easier when you first acknowledge all the blessings you already have.

From this place, we call in abundance and success. We are full of strength under the Full Moon and the new astrological season.

Mantra for the week: “I can take risks and be bold. I’m grateful for all I have.”

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