Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 13-19, 2024

Weekly Tarot

The card pictured is from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Ten of Cups

In Tarot, the number Ten is the pinnacle of each suit and the end of a cycle. We have worked hard to achieve a sense of peace and the fruits of our labor have arrived. We are called to reflect on this energy before a new cycle begins.

The Ten of Cups is also referred to as Satiety. This card points to a deep contentment and satisfaction. Our desire for more has been satiated and we are feeling perfectly full.

Satiety is a stronger and more stable feeling than that of happiness, which is often wavering and situation-dependent. The Ten of Cups is connected to a groundedness from hard work and a commitment to our values.

Satisfaction comes when we honor our emotional needs and align our actions with our hearts. This contentment is waiting for us when we invest in the health of our spiritual core, the deep part of us that is unshakeable.

The feeling of ‘more’ is always tempting us. What is the next goal, the next thing to buy, the next place to go, the next thing we need? We are constantly bombarded with what we should lust after next.

With the energy of the Ten of Cups, we see the temptations but we can take a step back. We don’t act on impulse. We are not buying things we don’t need, we aren’t driven by the fear of missing out, and we don’t make a new goal right after we achieved one.

We feel like we can move through the world with a deeper sense of contentment. Things come toward us and we can say no with ease. We are satisfied with the present moment and our present selves.

This is a feeling you can work towards having each day, by tapping into what is good and lovely in the moment. Through awareness and mindfulness, we realize how much we already have. We don’t feel the tug for more, we are perfectly satisfied.

What can you do to embody the energy of the Ten of Cups this week? How can you connect with your spiritual center? How can you embrace the feeling of satisfaction?

Mantra for the week: I have everything I need in this moment.

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