Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 21-27, 2018

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Three of Pentacles and The Sun

There is a large task in front of us, something we fear we cannot take on. We have many worries around the project, the obstacle or the undertaking. However whatever the ‘it’ may be, we will be successful.

The Three of Pentacles says with teamwork, determination, and focus we will accomplish great things.

What is this card pointing to in your life: Is there a big project you are taking on at work? Are you focusing on goals around your physical health? Are you building something new in a personal relationship? Are you starting a new creative pursuit?

Whatever the project, you may feel overwhelmed by the newness and size of the task at hand. And that is okay!

The Three of Pentacles is here to tell us that we must not be afraid. It also wants us to know it will not be easy. It will take a lot of discipline, strategy, and hard work to be successful.

Think back to a time when you when you were successful in the past. Think of all the hard work, focus and intelligence it took to accomplish what you did. Allow your past experiences to build up your mental strength.

If you were able to succeed then, you can more than succeed now. You are older and wiser after all!

If you become overwhelmed at any point in your work towards your goal, reach out to those around you. This is card of community and teamwork. You do not have to tough it out or persevere alone.

Your friends, family, and coworkers want to support you. So rely on their strengths when you need them. They might just have the talents and perspective you are missing and can fill in the gaps as you work towards the finish line.

We will reach the mountain top.

The Sun card is the most powerful resource as we strive towards the summit. This card brings vitality and mental clarity. It is an awesome partner to the Three of Pentacles, as it reminds us that we can be restored and recharged by the sun and the creatures of the earth.

When taking on a big project or goal we need to be continuously filling our metaphorical tank in order to stay on track. The Sun asks us to mediate on its warm rays and feel nourished by its healing energy.

Imagine the warm sun shining down on you and all of your stress and pain melting away. You feel charged and supported by its powerful light.

All life comes from the sun, there would be nothing without it! The sun wants us to be here and continuously gives us energy. It fills us with security and clarity.

The Sun card asks us to be grateful for its radiance and its support. It will be your ally as you make your way towards success.

Mantra for the week: With a mountain in front of me, I am confident in my ability to reach the top through hard work, determination, and the support of my community. The Sun at my back fills me with vitality and health. I am deeply grateful.

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