Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 25-31, 2020

weekly tarot reading

8 of Swords and Adjustment

These two cards perfectly sum up how many of us are feeling. We are feeling confused and overwhelmed as many places are starting to open up. And we are seeking health and balance as we are making adjustments to our world.

The 8 of Swords, also known as Interference, comes up when we have too many thoughts and opinions clouding our mind. We feel like we can’t think clearly see through the fog.

There is a lack of consistency from our leaders on what is safe and how exactly to move about our cities. We might feel torn on what is acceptable and what is right.

The word ‘interference’ speaks to all the thoughts that interfere with our ability to just listen to one at a time. Sometimes we can be so clouded with overthinking that we become paralyzed into inaction.

This is especially tricky when it comes to future planning. We spend all our time ruminating about what could go wrong that we never take that next step.

And since many things are on pause for the future, it can make this especially hard. But that does not mean we can’t still progress in our lives.

We can still advance our mind, body, or spirit even if we can’t be perfectly clear about the future. Because, no matter what, we have never been able to predict what tomorrow will bring.

This where the Adjustment card comes in. This card calls us to reflect and adjust our personal behaviors.

Many of us are highly aware of our actions during this pandemic. We know that what we do is not just about us but the larger world around us.

We will feel empowered this week to make changes to our behavior. We will create patterns that are supportive of our physical and mental health.

Take time this week to look at your habits and routines. Are you doing things that are in line with where you want to go? Are you doing things that support your mental, physical, or emotional needs?

If your circumstances or behaviors are not what you want, you can make a change. You can create more harmony in your life.

Under the influence of this card, you will feel empowered to make adjustments to your routines. You will invest more in your health, wealth, and peace.

You will feel ownership over your actions instead of blaming others. The theme of the week will be personal accountability and intentionality.

Adjustment is a Major Arcana card with a very powerful energy. Do not dismiss its message but instead let it really seep in.

Whatever comes up for you as being out of balance is what you should listen to. Do not second guess your intuition on this one.

Mantra for the week: I listen to my heart and calm my mind. I am in control of creating more balance in my life.

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