Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 13-19, 2017

weekly tarot reading

The Hermit and Death

The Hermit is a beautiful card with imagery of fertility, creativity and light. On the card we see a figure turning away from the pubic and turning inward. They are caring a glowing light that will lead them on a journey within.

The cards are asking us to do the same. They want us to spend time away from others this week and go within. They want us to listen to the quiet voices that are guiding us to our path. Because if we don’t get away from the chatter of others, we won’t be able hear them.

An intentional hike alone, a long walk in your neighborhood, or morning writing are all activities that help bring out the Hermit’s energy.

This is truly a powerful energy that can lead to so much growth. But you must spend time alone in order to connect with it.

I have seen this card come up for people before they were about to make a big decision. The cards sent them the Hermit in order for them to spend time with themselves and to connect with what they really wanted.

For those who are more introverted, this will be an easy card to follow and you will feel connected to the energy right away. For those of you who are more social, this can feel like homework and not something you are necessarily excited about.

Step out of your comfort zone and be away from people. Step away from your computer and phone as well. These are major ways we socialize even when we are alone.

Through embodying the Hermit and spending intentional time with ourselves we will hear what we need to let go of, and this leads us to our next card.

The Death card instills fear in people. We are afraid of change and afraid of the new. We are fearful because we crave permanence. We want to hold on to whatever we have, even if we need to let go.

But death is simply a transformation.

In tarot, the Death card is full of beauty. It is a deeply powerful and positive card. It means we are ready to let go of things that are causing us pain. We are ready to have a deep metamorphosis.

What part of you needs to die in order for you to live more fully?

Through connecting to our inner voice we will hear the message of what needs to be released. Whether it is an addiction, a toxic person, or a stagnant job, we need to be ready to let go.

With death there is always some pain. We need to acknowledge that there will be grief in letting go, even if what we are releasing is not good for us.

When you connect with what needs to be released, honor this by doing a ‘Releasing Ceremony.’

Write what you want to release on piece of paper, then give the paper its own transformation. This could include ripping it up and scattering it in the wind, letting it burn, or burying it in the earth. Whatever you choose, this ceremony will help honor the process of death.

When there is death there is also new life. This card gives me so much excitement because there is an abundance of creation in death. From the space of whatever you let go of there will be fertile energy. From this energy you can create new and  positive aspects in your life.

Mantra for the week: I spend time alone listening to my inner voice and I hear what it is I need to let go of. Through the process of this death, I am transformed into new joy. 

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