Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 20-26, 2017

weekly tarot reading

The 7 of Disks, Failure and 4 of Disks, Power

These two cards come up this week to remind us that we have a major role in creating our own reality. Whatever we expect, we invite into our lives. It is our energy and our thoughts that create our world.

In the political climate, in the world at this moment, I often ask myself if I am allowed to feel happy. Should I feel good if others are suffering? Can I feel positive when we are going through such trying times? Should I be planning for the future?

I often have the feeling that I should dim my light and not be so bold. I should not rejoice in my triumphs or get lost in the moment. I feel like I should be hyper-vigilant at all times and I feel guilt around my moments of joy.

If you are feeling this as well, like the heaviness of the world is weighing on you, know that it is okay to feel the following: happy, positive, peaceful, joyful, lost in the moment, silly, bold, sexy, powerful, and creative.

We do not have to feel guilty if we feel good.

Each day people are accomplishing their personal goals and we should congratulate them. People are striving for their dreams and succeeding. People are still planning, building, growing, giving birth and dancing. They have the right to do so, and so do we.

Failure is one of those cards no one wants to get. But I love this card! It is about taking risks. It is about knowing you will have failures and embracing it as part of the risk taking process.

But most importantly it is about your mindset. Whatever you expect, you invite into your life.

There are two ways to approach failure: through resisting or embracing.

If we expect to fail and have it devastate us, that will happen. If we expect to fail but know it is part of a new adventure and learning opportunity, that will happen.

Change your mindset on failure this week. Be excited about failing! All it means is that you are trying and you are living. It is all about your mindset.

I think the Tarot gave us both Failure and Power to really focus on this idea that we can change our reality through our mind.

We can choose to feel like a failure, consumed by our worries, or we can feel powerful, supported by the knowledge that we have overcome each thing life has thrown our way.

You have always overcome your worst days. Can you think of a day you did not overcome your struggles? No, because that day did pass and you are here still living.

The 4 of Disks or Power, is also about taking stock and being grateful for whatever security you have in your life. If you have stable housing, a job, a supportive family, food in your fridge, or anything that brings security, be grateful for that this week.

From our place of security, we can harness our power and go out into the less stable world.

With crystals we often put them out in the light of a full moon to ‘charge’ and become more powerful after periods of heavy use.

Charge yourself like a crystal this week.  Spend time with the things that make you feel secure as a way to become more powerful. And remember, your mindset is key. We create our world with our thoughts.

Mantra for the week: I have the right to feel good and I create my world through my positive thoughts. I see any failure as just part of my journey as a powerful being. 

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