Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 27-December 3, 2023

Weekly Readings

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

The Hierophant and Queen of Disks

This week’s cards want us to call upon our strength, from our guides and from ourselves. We are tapping into our reserves and asking for spiritual support. We have all the power within us and around us to make it through whatever we are facing.

The Gemini Full Moon on November 27 also allows us to let go of things that have become too burdensome and make room for strong, calming energy to enter. The Full Moon plus our cards will create a beautiful space of support around us.

Our first card this week is The Hierophant. When this card comes up, we are often in need of guidance. We are ready to go to the next level but unsure of what direction to go or how we will get there.

The card calls for us to seek a spiritual practice or teacher to help us reach a higher vibrational level. Spend some time this week with the words of wise leaders, writers, and mentors to learn from their wisdom.

So many brilliant people have come before us who have figured out peaceful ways of living. We do not have to reinvent the wheel or go through it alone. They have found answers to life’s many questions and we can gain from their experiences.

Tarot continues to be my tool for support and guidance. I have turned to it over and over again when I need to connect with my spirit and get out of my head. Reading the beautiful interpretations of other Tarot readers always inspires me as well. Tarot is my constant Hierophant.

I also think of all the powerful women who have come before me as mothers. They have gone through the transformation of childbirth and made it to the other side. I call upon their strength and wisdom as I enter this journey myself.

Be open to teachers in all forms. It could be in a book, a song, or a figure of wisdom and leadership. You may already know this person, but their spirit will impact you differently this week. The Hierophant calls us to receive guidance from our mentors, ancestors, and angels.

Keep your eyes open for specific signs meant to give you a push in the right direction. Be ready to take in all that is around you. The call of The Hierophant is being amplified and the Universe is speaking to you.

Our second card this week is the Queen of Disks. This card is undoubtedly connected to strong female ancestors who want to support us on our journey. And in times of struggle, the Queen of Disks has often appeared. She lets us know the true power of our strength.

I believe this Queen is speaking not only to us individually but to the world as a whole. She is here to remind us of all of our power collectively.

This fierce Queen, with her crown of twisted horns, sits on her throne and surveys her land. She has come far and is taking time to look back at all she has accomplished. She reminds us to do the same.

Underestimating our ability to handle what lies ahead and overestimating how challenging it will be is where our fear lives. The Queen reminds us that we can tackle anything we are faced with and always have. The next thing we face will be no different.

Like the Queen, we are growing older, but instead of being bitter or jaded, we are becoming wiser and more confident. We know what we are capable of and are proud of the person we have become.

Our journey has not been easy. We have gone through a lot of challenges and let go of people along the way that did not serve our highest good. We are no longer accepting toxic behavior from others.

This Queen is the Queen of boundaries. She helps us say no to things that bring us down. We don’t have time for people who drain us. We are too smart and experienced to allow our energy to be harmed.

The passage of time has given us strength and intelligence. We are grateful for our past because it has made us who we are. We are also excited about our future because we will use our wisdom to accomplish great things.

By making decisions that raise our vibrations and propel us forward, we are walking the path of the Queen of Disks. Her comfort and power will guide us to our next evolution through self-love.

Mantra for the week: I call on strength from ancestors, angels, and my own higher self. I am open to the wisdom and guidance all around me.

This is my last reading for a bit as I am taking a break for maternity leave. I am looking forward to connecting when I return.

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