Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 16-22, 2017

The Universe and Queen of Wands

Our world has been a chaotic place lately. It feels like we are going from one tragic event to the next, barely able to recover before the next one hits.

We may feel the urge to isolate and disconnect when things get hard. We might think we will feel better and safer this way.

But the Universe card is here to tell us not to disconnect. It is here to tell us to stay both part of the world and our communities. We need to find the beauty in this vast world, not make our world smaller.

Allow yourself to expand when you feel like retracting. Reach your arms out and say, “I am part of the Universe and the Universe is part of me!”

No matter how hard things seem, the world is still an incredible and magical place. And it is still miraculous that we are here.

The Universe card asks us not to close our eyes.

Stay in your body and embrace all that is around you. Embrace and accept the world. You do not have to change it or fix it. Just let it be, at least for now.

We can all do things to make our personal and public worlds better. We all know we can do so much better by humankind and the planet. But right now just accept the world without trying to change it.

This will allow us to be clear and connected without being overwhelmed. The Universe card is all about acceptance and compassion. It is about opening your senses and just ‘being.’

So allow yourself to just be this week. Do not push anything away or try to fix anything and see how you feel.

The Queen of Wands is our next step. After we connect with the world as it is, we can connect with our energy of transformation.

She is the fire inside of us. She is the energy that makes us both a loyal friend and a worthy adversary.

She is that passionate energy that bubbles up when we see injustices in the world. She is the badass in us that has been through the very worst days and made it out stronger.

This makes her tough and opinionated. But maybe not the best at communicating in a diplomatic way. She can be overpowering and can turn people off.

How can you connect to this fire energy and not alienate people? How can you be both strong and warm? (Especially to those that don’t share your same beliefs.)

Blending the accepting and compassionate energy of the Universe card with the fiery passion of The Queen of Wands is the transformative energy the world needs right now.

How can we have compassion for those do not agree with while still holding them accountable? Because it is those that can lead with both strength and compassion that will create the real change.

We are all part of this world and we all deserve respect and love.

Accept the world this week. Every part. Even the scary and dark parts we have the hardest time with. Love the world this week and let that love flow through you.

And then, let the fire inside push you to create change through understanding and grace. The kindness in your actions will make them so much stronger.

Mantra for the week, “I accept the world as it is and I have a desire for progress. I have compassion for all living things and my compassion drives all my actions. I create change through love.” 

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