Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 19-25, 2020

weekly tarot reading

Fortune and Four of Disks

The cards this week are here to support our journey to find our purpose, personal power, and self-confidence. They want us to know we have all the tools, we just have to use them well.

Our first card is Fortune, one of my personal favorite cards. It comes up when we need a reminder that the Universe is rooting for us and wants our highest and best.

Fortune calls us to feel the direction of the wheel of life. The Universe has a path for us. If we listen to the messages we can experience abundance. If we ignore the messages, and our own intuition, we might stay at a standstill.

We use the Wheel of Fortune card when we set high goals and let go of limiting beliefs. We then open ourselves up to receive and take advantage of opportunities.

Part of tapping into the flow of life is not limiting our desires. We often ask for small things out of fear.

We think if we ask for something small it might be achievable, but if we ask for something big we will fail or be disappointed. But by limiting our views, we limit our success.

Ask for what you want and set into motion the things necessary to achieve it. Also leave room for the Universe to give you more than you could have envisioned for yourself.

Say out loud: ‘I set my sights high, and the Universe will set them even higher.

Our next card is the Four of Disks, also called Power. It’s about a strong and positive foundation in which to grow from. It calls us to take stock of the things in our lives that give us strength.

‘Power’ is the antidote to stressful or defeatist thinking. Especially if that type of thinking comes up while planning big and life-changing goals, as the Wheel sees us doing.

The card portrays a solid fortress that gives both security and strength. The symbols on each of the four pillars are the elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

The Four of Disks is about seeing the abundance of the Earth and how much it supports us. On a material level, it gives us air to breathe, food to eat, and shelter from the weather. The planet literally supports our ability to live.

But it also supports us on a deeper level. It is the mother to us all and wants us not only to survive but thrive.

This card calls for us to feel the security and strength of living on a planet that supports us by being grateful for the Earth and all its riches.

By tapping into gratitude for what we have, we relieve some worries we experience when planning for our future. From a place of security, we can harness our power and feel confident in entering our less stable world.

We have a strong foundation inside and the planet supports us. Building the connection to our strength and trusting ourselves as an authority is the work of the Four of Disks.

Do you have that inner-trust already? Or do you need to work on building it?

We can start this work by keeping promises to ourselves and making choices that empower us. This is all part of our calling right now under the influence of these cards and the cosmos.

We are being asked to grow our power while setting the path for our next gorgeous step. We want to spring forward and this inner work will make sure we are successful when we do.

Mantra for the week: The Universe guides and supports me. I fiercely protect myself and the Earth.

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