Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 22-28, 2018

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Mother of Wands and 7 of Cups

With the grounding energy of the Taurus Full Moon on the 24th, these cards align with a similar message. They are all about centering and refocusing on what is truly in our hearts.

The Mother of Wands knows what is important in life. She has her priorities straight and does not get caught up in small dramas. She is a fierce protector of her loved ones and her home. She rules with grace and has the wisdom of experience.

The Mother of Wands is our guide for this week, calling us to focus on what matters. She wants us to think about our family or chosen family as our top priority and let all else be background noise. By getting clear about what needs our focus we can be in a grounded and calm state.

The love and health of your home and family is the most important thing to the Mother of Wands. If you have been feeling pulled in many directions lately or find yourself sweating the small stuff, spend some time refocusing on the essentials.

She feels her strongest and wisest when with her loved ones, nurturing them in the best ways she knows how. This might be through acts of services, showing affection, or just spending quality time with her chosen people.

When we prioritize our home this week, we will be filled with strength and love. We will be in our element and reenergized to take on the other areas of our life.

When we know nothing is truly as important as our friends and family, there is more of an ease when it comes to the rest of our life. By knowing that we have the support and strength of our home behind us, we will be more powerful and resilient when facing life’s challenges.

The Mother of Wands has overcome trauma in her past. This has given her amazing perspective and insight. So let the strength of your past make you feel like a warrior this week. You will be leading your tribe with such compassion and wisdom.

Along with the guidance of The Mother of Wands, the cards want to give us some warnings through the 7 of Cups. They want us to use the strengths of the Mother to combat the potential pitfalls of the Cups.

The 7 of Cups is a card about being faced with the temptation of instant gratification in many areas of our life. It is about feeling cloudy and not being connected to our moral compass. It is a card that indicates some less-than-healthy behaviors might be creeping into our routine.

The 7 of Cups is a trap we all fall into at some point. Whether it’s that relationship that’s based purely on pleasure and is not connected to our hearts, a job that pays the bills but does not fulfill you, or even the glasses of wine and reality tv that soothe your brain after a long day but don’t feed your soul.

We are all allowed these choices every once and a while. They won’t kill us. We can order too much takeout and skip our workouts and there will be no serious consequences.

However, the 7 of Cups wants to make sure you see through the illusion of this instant gratification. These choices get tricky if we start to believe they are making us happy.

These types of pleasures can easily deceive you into thinking that it is something you need. You start to crave this way of operating instead of the healthier more sustainable choices.

But the cards want us to remember that this, in fact, is not making us happy. It may be delaying unhappiness for the time being, but it is not making us more joyful.

It is hard to make healthy choices because they usually require more planning and effort. And if you have been dealing with emotional or physical pain, planning and effort are just that much harder.

But let me tell you, it is so worth the effort. When we take a step back and look at our patterns, we will be able to adjust and recalibrate, rather than just operating on pleasure seeking autopilot.

There is nothing wrong with pleasure. The cards just want us to see if we are experiencing quick, short-term pleasure or deeper more restorative pleasure. It wants us to cultivate pleasures that truly enrich us and make us feel more alive and strong.

The Mother of Wands will be there to support us in this work. She wants us to prioritize our home and family as a way to see through the illusion of these temptations.

If we know where our heart is and what our goals are, we are much more likely to make better decisions.

This will be a week about grounding and re-centering. We will be looking at our behaviors and spending time adjusting our patterns. We will be working towards filling our cups with the love of our friends and family and the strengths of our convictions.

Mantra for the Week: I fill my life with all things enriching and restorative. My home and family are healthy and full of love. 

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