Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 8-14, 2018

weekly tarot reading
The Three of Swords and High Priestess

We are trying to find our way through our emotions this week and are seeking a middle ground. It is fitting that there is new moon in Libra as these cards are both the pain and the antidote, balancing one another in their gifts.

The Three of Swords represents our pain. We are feeling heartbroken and betrayed. The emotions are heavy and we are working through our disappointment.

This could be on a personal level or how we feel about the world. Either way, we are feeling raw and our heart has been punctured.

How do you work with the uneasiness of the Three of Swords? How do you not hide from the feelings or numb them away? And how do you not let them take you down completely?

By sitting with our feelings and honoring them, the heaviness can be addressed. They will not go away immediately, but through our acceptance the emotions will dissipate a bit.

Once we face how we feel, it will not be as scary or overwhelming and we can work with what we have got. We can think about what is really hurting us. We can talk to a friend, write a letter, and name the feelings.

We can also find solidarity in others who might feel the same way right now. Currently there are many who are feeling betrayed and brokenhearted. And we are never alone in our emotions as everyone can relate to the feelings of pain.

Through working through our personal feelings, we might be able to be there for someone else that is hurting. Through supporting a loved one, some of our own heartbreak can be mended.

Our second card, the High Priestess, was one of our cards last week as well. She gives us clues on how to move forward during this time. She call us to tap into our intuition and psychic abilities to see through the fog of our current world.

She wants us to use our gifts to see the light that surrounds us in the dark. She wants us to feel our angels, ancestors, and messengers, as they are always supporting us.

Take five minutes to meditate and send out gratitude this week. Drive without the radio on and do some deep breathing. Take a break at work and walk outside. Record a dream you had after waking up.

If you create some moments of stillness, the energy of the High Priestess will be able to enter your world. She will give you insights to the positivity and light in your future. She will send you messages of peace.

She knows that the arch of the moral universe will inevitably bend toward justice and she wants to fill us with that knowledge as well.

Allow the High Priestess to support you this week. Ask for her guidance as you move through the heaviness of the Three of Swords. Ask for her gifts as we celebrate the new moon and new cycle. We will make it through this time and become stronger on the other side.

Mantra for the week: I accept my feelings of pain and allow them to move through me. I open my heart to guidance and see the light that surrounds me.

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