Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 11-17, 2017

weekly tarot reading

Fortune and Four of Swords, Truce

As I was shuffling the cards to pull for the weekly tarot reading, two jumped out on to the floor. When I went down to pick them up, it was lovely Fortune and the Four of Swords.

As you may recall, we have had the Fortune card on and off for many weeks now, so I am naming this our official card for the year!

This lucky little card is ruled by the bountiful god Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and without its gravitational pull, our planet would not be intact.

Jupiter is our good luck charm and our protector, and its energy is helping to open doors and bring prosperity.

Fortune says- we must believe we are deserving and then ask for the highest and best for ourselves.

But believing in ourselves and asking for what we want is no easy feat.

It takes dedication and hard work as we build a strong relationship with ourselves. It takes courage as we face pain and past traumas in order to heal. And it takes vision as we look into the future and create a path to our best self.

Thankfully, Fortune is there by our side each step of the way. Fortune is cheering us on and listening to our dreams. It is also blocking any limitations we might put on ourselves, because Fortune only wants the highest and best.

This incredible card is pushing us forward, even when we experience set backs and our minds are negative. Fortune is reminding us to keep on the journey towards our joy despite any obstacles.

The Four of Swords or Truce, is a wonderful card to accompany Fortune.

This card often comes up after we have faced trauma or an intense emotional period in our lives. It could be a breakdown of a relationship, an illness, or a troubling time career wise. Whatever it is, this card that tells us it is okay to pause and take a break.

Truce says we need breathing space to build back our strength. And Fortune loves that for us!

Fortune wants us to make the journey to our higher self and pausing so we can continue on with more strength, is right up her alley.

This truly is a time for rest. We need to stop worrying about what has happened in the past. We need to have a Truce with our minds.

How can you do that this week? How can you interrupt repetitive worries and give yourself a much need break?

Personally, I am going to remember not to believe every thought I have and to refocus my attention on the present whenever I start to over think.

Mediation is also another way to practice a Truce with your brain and to give yourself some quiet time. Try to spend just 15 minutes this week mediating and see how you feel.

This Truce is an essential part of our path, because we can not continue on if we are tired and weary. We must recharge and quiet those loud thoughts.

Mantra for the week: As Fortune guides me to my highest and best life, I pause to gather peace and stillness. This quiet time helps me recharge and continue on my path.

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