Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 17-23, 2018

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2 of Pentacles and 8 of Cups

Making changes in our life can be hard, especially when the change is voluntary. When we don’t HAVE to change but when we WANT to change it can be extremely difficult to take the first step.

We often convince ourselves that things are fine the way they are and it will be too much of a challenge to make any adjustments. We say that it is not the right time or we will make the move when things settle down. We also say we are waiting to have more money or when we just can’t take it anymore.

What if we had the courage to make a change now because we deserved it rather than putting it off? What if we made changes before things got bad? After all we only have this one life, and wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time doing things that you loved?

The 2 of Pentacles and 8 of Cups are all about changing and moving on. The first card is a lighter and more energetic message, telling us to embrace change and let it be fun. The second card is heavier, letting us know that if we wait to change, the energy will be become darker and more cumbersome.

The 2 of Pentacles is a lovely card. The image is a large butterfly whose wings have two coins wrapped up by a rainbow infinity sign. The coins let us know that the ‘change’ will be in the physical world, maybe having to do with our job or where we live. The infinity sign is a reminder that change is constant and the more comfortable we become with it the more balanced and happy we will be.

The card’s message is around viewing changes with a sense of adventure rather than a sense of doom. Just as a caterpillar goes through a major transformation to become a beautiful butterfly, we should see ourselves changing for the better when we encounter transformative energy.

The message of balance is also highlighted in this card. If a change is coming up for you, make sure to keep taking care of your body and nurture your relationships. It can be easy to get lopsided during an adjustment period, so stay aware of your needs by not neglecting certain areas of your life.

The second card is the 8 of Cups. This card is also about change, but more specifically about moving on. It points to a job, relationship or place that you have outgrown. It calls out something in your life that is no longer bringing you meaning or fulfillment.

The broken glasses on the at the bottom of the card represent the joy and meaning you once gained from something in your life that now is lost. The high peaks represent the thought that it will be too challenging to make a change.

However, this card does not need to be viewed in a negative light. It is a gift that you shared great experiences at one time and it is a gift to see that you need to move on. And once you climb over the peaks, a whole new world will open up to you. You just need to put down the broken glasses and start your journey.

With the start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Sun’s move into Libra, it is the perfect time to think about balance and movement. As the seasons change and we enter the sign that rules balance, we can use this time to make big moves.

How will you use the energy of change this week? How will you evaluate where you need to move on and what plans you need to put in motion?

Take time to really think about the changes you need to make. The universe will be guiding and supporting you the whole way.

Mantra for the week: I embrace the transformations on my horizon while staying balanced within myself. I am not afraid to move on. 

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