Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 18-24, 2017

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The Hermit and The 9 of Cups, Happiness

Oh happiness. Ever evasive, ever ambiguous.

We are told we must get it, we are often on some journey to seek it, and for many it is the ultimate goal. But what is happiness really?

We may think it is something external from us, something we can get or even buy. (Our capitalist systems have us think so at least.)

Happiness will look worlds different depending on the person, therefore it becomes impossible to describe.

This week, we will explore the idea of Happiness.

The cards also brought us the Hermit. And Happiness and the Hermit create a story that makes total sense.

The Hermit is beautiful card with imagery of fertility, creativity and light.  On the card, we see a figure turning away from the pubic and turning inward. They are caring a glowing light that will lead them on a journey within.

The cards are asking is to do the same. They want us to spend time away from others this week and go within.

They want us to listen to the quiet voices that are guiding us to our path. If we don’t get away from the chatter of others we won’t hear them.

An intentional hike alone, a long walk in your neighborhood, or an afternoon drawing and writing are all activities that help bring out the Hermit energy.

This is truly a powerful energy that can lead to so much growth. But you must spend time alone in order to connect with it.

I have seen this card come up for people before they were about to make a big decision. The cards sent them the Hermit in order for them to spend time with themselves and to connect with what they really wanted.

For those who are more introverted, this will be an easy card to follow and you will feel connected to the energy right away. For those of you who are more social, this can feel like homework and not something you are excited about necessarily.

Step out of your comfort zone and be away from people. Step away from your computer and phone as well. These are major ways we socialize even when we are alone.

We first need to embody the Hermit and spend intentional time with ourselves. But through the experience we will find we are more in touch with our emotions.

The 9 of Cups came with the Hermit this week to send us a message about our emotions.

This card indicates an understanding that we are connected to all things. This understanding can lead to a deep level of emotional contentment.

This not about seeking more or wanting more. This a card about knowing that everything is perfect just as it is.

I know there is so much we want to change and there is so much pain in the world. But through accepting the world and your connection to universe, you can stop grasping for something that is not there.

From here your own personal happiness, however that may look, can radiate out of you. This happiness, which you could also call contentment, can help you support others.

When you stop thinking you need something to be happy you can truly be happy. During your time with yourself this week, meditate on this idea.

Mantra for the week: I connect with myself and the universe through my time alone. The understanding that we are all One brings me deep happiness and contentment. In this moment, I don’t need to change anything. 

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