Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 24-October 1, 2018

weekly tarot reading

3 of Cups, Abundance, and The Devil

We are not on this earth simply to pay bills and make it through. We do not need to follow the limited paths laid out for us.

We can make our lives as deep and enjoyable as we desire. There is so much to savor and experience. There is so much to take in and see. We are our rich with love and the Universe embraces us.

The 3 of Cups points to the kind of love that Mother of the Universe gives to us freely. It flows out from her and we are bathed in her warm light. This kind of love is given to us all and we can connect to it at any time. This love never runs out, there is always an abundance. Just like the cups depicted on the card, it is overflowing.

We also get this love from our closest friends and family. This is a rare love that asks nothing of us and gives itself freely. If we are lucky enough to experience this type of love in our life, we should take a moment to soak it in and be thankful.

This indicates a fertile time, either spiritually or materially. We feel we have more than enough and may want to share our bounty. Accordingly, the 3 of Cups will pop up to indicate holy days of celebration such as weddings or other events surrounded by love.

The relationships represented by this card are treasures. They need to be treated with great respect and appreciation. If you feel the energy of 3 of Cups in your life, take a moment to be truly grateful.

The Devil card brings up apprehension and fear for those who receive it in a reading. Many think it means evil or bad luck is on the horizon. In some religions, the devil is used as a means of control. The devil keeps people from acting in accordance to their desires through guilt and fear.

However, that is the not the case here. In the Tarot, The Devil card is all about indulging in your desires and accepting yourself. It is also a card of celebration!

Food, sex and pleasure are the areas that many of us feel some guilt around. By denying ourselves or feeling shame about what we want, we often become disordered in that area.

Our desires and need for pleasure are valid and The Devil card wants us to embrace them. It wants us to let go of any guilt we may feel and allow ourselves to do things that feel good.

If we are doing too much of something it probably doesn’t feel good, and if we are doing too little of something it probably doesn’t feel good either.

The Devil card is a life affirming card that wants us to enjoy pleasure in a way that raises us up. It does not want us to overindulge, but instead it calls us to accept what we want and be balanced in our choices. Through this acceptance we are less likely to over or under do anything.

So, let yourself enjoy the changing seasons and the abundance of love. Take pleasure in the food, people and earth that is all around.

The cards are calling for us to have fun and eat cake. They want us to enjoy our bodies and dance with our loved ones. They want us to drink sparkling beverages and give long kisses.

We have such a short time on this planet, make sure you spend your time doing what feels good.

Mantra for the week: Love is overflowing. I accept myself and celebrate life. I am embraced by the Universe.

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