Ovulation Stimulates Universal Creativity

ovulation creativityNew research has found that women experience a heightened sense of creative energy when they are ovulating. 


Researchers found that the hormonal changes that occur during ovulation were able to enhance and bring about bursts of creativity in women and those around them.

To conduct the study, researchers recruited 34 healthy women aged 21 to 31 years of age. Half of the women experienced normal, healthy periods and the other half were a control group as they were all on birth control medication.

The women were all given four creative assignments during the month which were broken down into the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

They found that just before ovulation, when levels of estrogen and lutenizing hormone were highest, creative thinking increased and women were found to be more expressive, divergent and more open minded.

They found no change however in the women who were on birth control.

The study also showed that this creative energy effected the people around them, including men.

When men interacted with women during ovulation, they subconsciously tapped into their own creative potential by having an unintentional shift in their behaviour.

Researchers found that men were less likely to mimic women (which everyone does subconsciously during connected interactions) and were more likely to express their own creative way of being.

This goes back to evolutionary times when a male would try to stand out from the crowd in order to be more attractive to their potential mate.

Men also subconsciously were more drawn to women who were fertile, picking up on changes in skin tone, voice and scent.

While these changes are on a subconscious level and are probably not realized on a day to day it’s interesting to note that in ancient times, ovulating and menstruating women were celebrated. It was also believed that during menstruation women had deeper intuitive abilities.

The feminine body is a divine thing and when we take the time to become more aware of ourselves we can tap into the innate power that lies within.

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