Predictions for Uranus in Taurus

uranus in taurus

On March 6, 2019, Uranus moved into the sign of Taurus to remain until 2026. This shift in the cosmos has caused a ripple effect which is getting a boost on April 30, 2021, as on this day, the Sun and Uranus will align.

The alignment of the Sun and Uranus happens once a year, and kicks into gear the changes and upgrades that Uranus’s move into Taurus is set to bring.

It is likely that around the end of April, we may get some more clues and insights as to how this energy is going to be affecting and changing our lives.

So, what can you expect under this energy right now and for the future?

We can definitely make some predictions surrounding Uranus in Taurus but first, it is important to understand the energy of Uranus and Taurus on their own.


Uranus is all about smashing down walls, making changes, and starting revolutions. Uranus likes to turn things upside down so we are forced to see things in a new way and to learn and grow from the experience. This is why Uranus is often referred to as the planet of awakenings.

Uranus loves change and it likes to test and challenge things to see how sturdy or strong they are. When something crumbles in the presence of Uranus, it is often a sign that you have outgrown it and need to move on to that next level.


Taurus energy is all about stability, structure, and building things up one step at a time. It is about honoring tradition and following the rules of society.

Taurus energy rules over things like the environment, agriculture, wealth, investments, and the home, and having Uranus in its home is not something it generally looks forward to.

This is because Taurus knows that when Uranus stops by, the traditions it has tried so hard to cultivate and hold on to will need to change.

Keeping all this in mind here are my predictions for what this dynamic will bring on both a global and personal level.

Global Predictions:

  • Uranus in Taurus is like the calling card of Mother Earth. If we don’t start to pay better attention to how we are treating the earth and using its resources, we could see more natural disasters and environmental hazards. Under this energy, we have to start cleaning up our act and making the environment a top priority.
  • There will be an increased emergence of environmentally conscious organizations and business practices. Banning things like plastic bags, and plastic straws will become more commonplace.
  • Veganism will continue to grow in popularity, and we may also see an attitude change as to how the cuisine is perceived.
  • Renewable energy sources are likely to remain a hot topic in the media and events may stir that really force these energy resources to be adopted.
  • Further advancements may be made when it comes to combining health and technology. Our phones are likely to have increased health functions, and we may see more doctors and medical professionals using online consulting.
  • Smart technology will start making its way into our homes more and more, and we may see advancements in smart home systems, especially in the kitchen.
  • Smart technology may also enter the farming industry and change how foods are grown, harvested, delivered, and stored.
  • Changes to “traditions” in the banking industry. A huge shake-up is likely on the way and we may see a significant some significant changes in the market.
  • Companies are going to have to offer employees more independence and flexibility. There may also be a rise in startups and more people may choose to be self-employed.
  • We may see more people choosing to rent rather than own. Minimalism and alternative living situations are likely to grow in popularity.
  • Cryptocurrency will continue to shake up the finance world and will likely gain greater acceptance under this energy.
  • Sound healing will gain more popularity, and there is likely to be more research and proof into the healing power of sound.
  • We will see constant power struggles between the old ways and the new ways. Under this energy, the old ways will have to back down in order to make way for the new.
  • Greater acceptance of gender identities and sexual orientation. We are likely to see more people identifying as gender fluid.
  • New approaches when it comes to diet. A new diet may emerge or we may find that we change our approach to food as a society.
  • Feminine energy will continue to rise up and we will see more women in positions of power.

Personal Predictions:

  • Changes may come into your life that challenge things you once believed were stable.
  • Your intuition may feel stronger and you may find yourself open to new beliefs that you once dismissed.
  • You may find a deeper connection with your food and be more conscious about what you are putting into your body.
  • Speaking your truth and standing up for yourself is going to be an important theme.
  • Life events may challenge you to have a better relationship with money. You may also feel called to change your attitude towards money and the idea of success.
  • You may feel more connected to Mother Earth, and more aware of how your actions may be hurting or helping her.
  • You may feel drawn to tap into your feminine side and take a softer approach to how you view the importance of your career.
  • There may be a change in your attitude towards materialism and what you choose to surround yourself with.
  • If you have been too possessive or attached to objects, people, a particular lifestyle, or belief, this is likely to get a shakeup in some way.

Of course, everyone is going to feel the effects differently and to varying degrees, but pay attention to what energy is stirred for you especially during the months of April-May to see what messages Uranus in Taurus will be sending your way.

Uranus will briefly cross into Gemini in 2025, but will leave Taurus for good in April 2026.

This article has been updated for 2021 but was first published on April 19, 2019. None of the predictions have been updated.

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