Intuitive Astrology: Mars, Uranus, and Algol July 2024

mars uranus astrology 2024

Not since August 2022, have we experienced Mars and Uranus coming together, but the dynamic duo will align in the sky on July 15, 2024, at 26 degrees of Taurus, which also, coincidentally or not, happens to be the home of Algol, one of the most notorious stars in Astrology.

Algol has long been feared by ancient astrologers. They looked at its glow and likened it to the eye of the devil. Terrible omens were connected to this star and it seemed to be one that our ancestors feared as a harbinger of destruction and chaos.

But, of course, in modern astrology we tend to take a more neutral approach and try to dig a little deeper into what the essence of this star may be. It is also worthwhile noting that many stars that were connected to deep feminine power seem to have received such a bad wrap.

When looking a little deeper, Algol is a powerful feminine energy that is not fearful but rather, misunderstood. It is easy to write Algol off as a habringer of destruction, but when you look deeper at her story, you see a powerful feminine warrior that can protect, shapeshift, and knows her own strength.

In modern astrology, Algol is considered the star of transformation and protection. Through every rebirth that Algol goes through, she becomes stronger, more awakened, and more powerful. She represents the forgotten feminine power, that once remembered would allow us to birth a new world.

You can dive deeper into the story of Algol here.

With Mars and Uranus aligning on Algol however, it seems that an awakening is being instiled. It seems that we are perhaps being called to awaken and remember the feminine powers that live within all of us.

It seems that perhaps we are being called to transform into a higher version of ourselves, no matter how it may look on the outside. Perhaps it is only by leaning into our power and shedding, and releasing what others think of us, that we are able to step into this new chapter.

Mars and Uranus coming together is definitely a call to shed all that is no longer authentic to our being. Mars offers courage and confidence, and Uranus offers us the will to step out of the status quo and to follow the tune of our own drum.

This can be a powerful mix, with Algol chiming in too, reminding us of our strength to rebirth ourselves and to come into higher states of consciousness and power.

Mars and Uranus have long been a signature for upheaval and rebellion. Sometimes, we can see this manifest on the world stage as protests or a desire to overthrow authority figures. We can feel irritated by being controlled or made to feel small. We can feel a rumbling to stand up for ourselves and what we believe is true.

If we track the cycle of Mars and Uranus, we can begin to piece together where we are being called to step into a great authenticity, stand up for ourselves, and perhaps embrace some change.

The Mars Uranus Cycle

As you reflect on the dates below, here are some themes you may wish to pay attention to:

Mars-Uranus Themes

  • Stepping into a greater freedom
  • Changes
  • Realizing a new sense of confidence
  • Power struggles/feeling rebellious
  • Ditching the status quo
  • Searching for more freedom
  • Hot and heated emotions
  • Repressed anger bubbling up
  • Independence/ doing things your own way
  • Not caring what others think
  • Reckless attitudes
  • Impulsive behaviors/taking leaps of faith

Dates for the Mars-Uranus Cycle

August 2, 2022: Mars Conjunct Uranus

This first alignment of Mars and Uranus was the opening point of our cycle. Can you recall what Mars/Uranus themes were happening for you at this time? This conjunction also occurred in Taurus, but instead of Algol’s energy being present, the North Node was. This would have been a pivotal point where a seed of greater authenticity and freedom was planted. Perhaps we realized that we wanted to move forward, something needed to change, and this something probably required us to step up and find a new layer of confidence.

June 26, 2023: Mars Square Uranus

Uranus was still in Taurus but now with Mars in Leo, the two planets would be 90 degrees from each other and in a critical point. More to the story would have been revealed, perhaps the fiery and playful energy of Leo allowed us to feel more optimistic and this point in our journey.

November 11, 2023: Mars Opposite Uranus

Mars is now in Scorpio, sitting directly opposite Uranus in Taurus on the wheel of the zodiac. This was a key point in this cycle, and perhaps when we reached a moment of deeper clarity and understanding. Maybe the changes that had been slowly unfolding are now able to be recognized. Maybe any hostility or uncertainty is beginning to soften and new understanding is emerging.

March 9, 2024: Mars Square Uranus

This is the final descent of this cycle which brings us up to now, where we are beginning a new one. Uranus is still in Taurus, but this time Mars was in Aquarius. Perhaps we were feeling more vocal in expressing what we need and the changes we need to take place. Maybe we felt inspired to unlock a new level of freedom when it came to our voice. The events of this time have now led us up to July 15, where the cycle is completed and a new one will begin.

This time, it seems the new cycle is calling for us to welcome our receptive, more intuitive, and maternal sides.

Here are the future dates for this current Mars Uranus cycle:

  • July 15, 2024: Mars conjunct Uranus
  • June 15, 2025: Mars Square Uranus
  • November 4, 2025: Mars Opposite Uranus
  • February 27, 2026: Mars Square Uranus
  • July 4, 2026: Mars conjunct Uranus (new cycle begins)

Try tracking this cycle in your own life to see what themes unfold for you.

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