Ritual and Spiritual Significance of November 11, 2018

november 11 meaning

The Number 11 is considered a Master Number in Numerology, and holds a highly creative vibration allowing intentions, goals, and wishes to manifest with greater ease.

11 is also believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings and can help to activate higher states of consciousness.

When you frequently see 11:11 on the clock, or when you are drawn to patterns of the number 11, it can indicate an upcoming change or a spiritual awakening.

Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Universe also use numbers as a way to connect and communicate, and 1111 is commonly used by Divine beings to help point you in the right direction and to illuminate the path ahead for you.

1111 is essentially about coming into alignment so you can walk your highest path and be a vibrational match for all that you need, want, and desire.

This makes November 11, the perfect time to do a ritual or to even spend a few moments thinking about what you want to bring into your life.

2018 is a Number 11 year in numerology as well, which enhances this vibration and amplifies the energetic effects of the number. In fact, the numerology code for this day is 111111.

Here the number 11 is repeated three times, signifying a day where we can align our mind, body, and soul. It represents a powerful day for healing and getting into alignment.

Under this energy, we are also going to be called to connect with our intuition and think about what reality we want to manifest and create, not just for ourselves, but for the world.

On this day, our thoughts are going to be extremely powerful, and we will have the ability to manifest and create our desires with ease.

Our thoughts are always helping to create and shape the reality that we live in, but on 11/11 we have the advantage of being able to manifest with greater speed.

Put your wishes out there, put your good thoughts out there, and see them return back to you three times over.

While we can use this energy to manifest our greatest desires, we also need to think bigger than this.

It’s all very well to set an intention and visualize what you want to achieve, but we have to also focus on aligning our thoughts with positive and harmonious vibrations as often as possible.

We all live in the same world, but our perception of it is different, and this is largely due to our thoughts.

Our thoughts have the ability to color and paint the world around us. If we are focusing on fearful thoughts, that’s what we tend to see. Just the same, if we are focusing on abundant thoughts, that’s what we tend to see.

Of course, having positive thoughts is important, but what is more important than this is being true to yourself, and allowing yourself to react, think, and act from a place of authenticity.

We are all going to get angry sometimes, we are all going to feel resentful, bitter, jealous, guilty, shameful, hostile, and so on. These emotions are normal, natural, and part of the human experience. We have to allow ourselves room to feel these and to honor them when they creep up in our lives.

What we don’t want to do however, is hold onto these negative emotions for too long. When they arise, we have to do the work to move through them and release them, otherwise we will find that we start to paint our life and reality with them.

When we hold onto negative emotions they create the weather of our lives, and of everyone else’s too. See, our thoughts are not only shaping our reality, but they are also contributing to the collective reality as well.

Together all of our thoughts create the world that we live in. We are all in this together, we are all one, and all of us are responsible for the state of the world around us.

By focusing on positive thoughts, by being authentic and true to ourselves, and by sprinkling love wherever we go, we can help to change the state of the world and increase the consciousness of the planet.

So while 11/11 is great for manifesting your dreams, connecting with the divine, meditating, intention setting, and so on, also use it as a reminder that we are all in this together. We all need in each other, and we all need to do our bit in order to advance the state of consciousness on the planet.

We are all just doing the best we can with what we know, so hold this in your heart, treat others with loving kindness and compassion, and watch how simply shifting and taking responsibility for your own thoughts can help to not only raise your consciousness, but the consciousness of the planet too.

Happy 11/11!

Here is a ritual you can use for inspiration-

It is recommended to do this ritual at 1.11 am, 11:11 am, 1.11pm, or 11.11pm on November 11

Step 1: Begin free flow writing for 11 minutes about all the things that bring you joy in your life. This can include things that currently bring you joy or things that you want to bring into your life in the future. When you are free-flow writing, the idea is to keep writing without lifting the pen off the page. Even if you don’t know what to write, keep the pen moving by writing gibberish or whatever flows to your mind. Allow yourself to write whatever in order to keep the pen moving.

Step 2: Once you have written for 11 minutes, go through what you have written and highlight all the key activities or feeling words that stand out to you. What key things do you want to bring into your life moving forward? These words and/or activities, are going to provide you with clues as to where you need to be focusing your energy and time.

Step 3: Choose 3 of the best feeling words or activities that resonate the most to you right now and then write them down on a separate sheet of paper. Now place your hand over your heart and repeat for each –

“I give myself permission to feel/do…….I give myself permission to bring more of this energy into my life starting today.”

Step 4: Now close your eyes, and visualize what your life will look like when you bring in all of this beautiful energy. See yourself achieving all that you want, and feeling joyful and happy. Meditate on this for 11 minutes.

Step 5: With your vision in mind, write a clear intention for what you want to manifest in your life. Try to succinctly capture what emotions, feelings, and things you want to bring into your life in one sentence. This will help you send a clear wish to the Universe. Here are some examples-

“My intention moving forward is to bring more relaxed and peaceful energy into my life so I may feel aligned and connected with my highest path”

“My intention moving forward is to give myself permission to play and to feel young and joyful again.”
“My intention moving forward is to listen and honor my intuition so I can advance further in my career and bring in more abundance.”

“My intention moving forward is to open my heart to new love and to share new memories with another.”

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your intention, just try to phrase it in a positive way. Once you have your intention, keep it somewhere you can see it regularly or state it out loud a few times.

Step 6: Place your hands in prayer position, thank your Spirit team, and close with the mantra-

“I am aligned, I am One, I am creating the life of my highest path where all my wishes are fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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