Spiritual Significance of October 2014 Eclipse and the Blood Moon

Its eclipse time again and this month we have a beautiful and very rare eclipse taking place between October 7th and 8th. 

This eclipse is rare because it takes place at exactly the same time the sun is rising, and the moon is setting. This gives the moon a reddish color and it’s why the moon in this phase is often referred to as the Blood Moon.

october 2014 eclipse

The eclipse will begin around 9.15 UT and will end at 12.34 UT. The Blood Moon will be visible between 10.25 UT and 10.55 UT. (This is around 3.50am PDT).

Energetically, what does all this mean?

Eclipses always bring about needed and sometimes radical change. In the days leading up to their arrival they begin to stir up old, outdated belief systems, jobs, relationships and anything else that needs to be let go of. As the eclipse gets closer, the “letting go” phase can feel thrust upon us, and as the eclipse passes it is up to our reactions that determine whether we are left with a sense of bewilderment or understanding.

Traditionally, eclipses were seen as bad omens, or things to be feared however this is really not true. Change can be scary, if you allow it to be. Release control, allow the Universe to show you the way, TRUST and revel in how loving and supportive it can be.

Astrologer, Rober Wilkinson puts it best:

“How we respond to any challenge or circumstance entirely determines the outcome. Period. There is no Astrological configuration or event that can override our potential responses.”

For clues on what changes may occur for you at this eclipse, think back to the previous eclipse of 2014, which fell in April. Eclipses are cyclic, which means that whatever energies you were dealing with then should come to a close at this time.

Astrologically, this eclipse is also seeing energetic effects from Uranus, Venus and Pluto – all of which will determine the tone of the transformation happening here on Earth and in your life. Coupled with this energy is a grand fire trine with Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

So, what does all this mean?

Uranus is the great surpriser, he has a way of shining his unique light to expose and reveal things in a different way. Uranus likes to reveal, and reveal he will on this eclipse. Things may come up or end suddenly but don’t be hasty to act, as more information may be revealed in the coming weeks.

Venus’ presence in this eclipse is definitely a welcome one as she helps to bring a sense of peace and harmony to whatever situations arise. Having Venus around means that messages will be delivered with a sense of peace, she also reminds us to react with peace and love.

“Venus sheds olds beliefs and patterns so a much truer form can emerge. This lunar eclipse will strip her bare and allow a deeper connection to spirit to emerge”- Cathy Pagano

Pluto is all about transformation, and his presence is going to ignite your personal power, and your self-limiting beliefs in order for you to change them. Pluto is giving you the opportunity now to either step down from power, or to claim your power- depending on what you need to do to make positive changes in your life. Pluto will also help subconscious blocks to be revealed and released.

The Fire Trine will work with the other planets to help create a sense of balance. It will also help individuals to step into there sacred masculine power and to re-align with a healthier masculine energy. Having this trine is considered very lucky and those who have done the work from April’s eclipse will find that this aspect could bring a very positive change.

There will also be another eclipse falling at the end of October on the new moon as well as two more in 2015- one on April 4th and another on September 27th. These are all part of the same cycle, as the Universe prepares you for the great journey that lies ahead.

No matter what events come up for you on the eclipse, remember these words “this too shall pass”.

You can read more about the eclipse cycles and the blood moon here: The Spiritual Significance of 4-14-14 and the Blood Moon.

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