Tarot Reading for the Week of April 10-16, 2017

weekly tarot reading

10 of Disks and Adjustment

Well, aren’t we just lucky-little chickens! We have what we need, and sometimes, even a little more. With the sun on our backs, treats on our plates and kisses on our cheeks, there is a lot of good around us. 

Okay, we may not always feel like this, but we all have something to be grateful for, no matter how small. 

The 10 of Disks is asking us to take stock of the wealth in our lives. Whether it’s financial or personal, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify this energy. 

Start to ask: What in your life gives you joy? What’s going well?  What do you have that brings you comfort?

Spend some time thinking about your personal riches, and write them down. Read them out loud and allow yourself to feel the powerful emotion of gratitude.

The number 10 in Tarot is all about reflection at the end of a cycle. So, to move to an even greater place financially, personally or professionally, that act of being aware and grateful for what you have now is necessary.

The Universe needs to hear our acknowledgement of all the positive in order to give us more of the good stuff. 

Though, the same is true of acknowledging the negativity. The more we focus on what sucks, the more we bring negativity towards us.

That is where Adjustment comes in! Her powerful energy of balance and her sense of what is true helps us to see our habitual patterns.

Start to ask: What mental loops do we unconsciously participate in that block gratitude? How do we focus on what is not going well?

This card will literally help us adjust our thinking so that we can see the good. This will make our gratitude practice much stronger and sustainable.

This not just a onetime thing, little chickens. But a lifelong practice that will bring us more riches. So bring on the money, honey and sunny times.

Crystals for the week are amethyst, citrine, clear quartz and smokey quartz.

Amethyst brings calm and balance, citrine brings positivity and joy, clear quartz brings clear communication and smoky quartz helps remove negativity and keeps you grounded.

Mantra for this week: “My wealth is boundless and I’m grateful for all I have.”

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