Tarot Reading for the Week of June 12-18, 2017

weekly tarot reading

The Two of Cups, Love and The Magus

The Love card is about intense love, unconditional love, and powerful love. This card is so bright and positive and pink!

But when this card comes up, sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable.

It makes me think of a type of love that either I don’t think exists or I don’t think I deserve. It’s for other people not for me. It’s that movie love that makes a little queasy.

But this card is here to tell us that we do deserve it and it is coming for us! It does not mean you will fall in love with the person of your dreams tomorrow. But it does mean that love feeling is coming for you.

Whether with a person, a job or a city. L-O-V-E is on its way. So get ready!

If this makes you scared you are not alone. Another reason I get wary of this card is because I think it will turn my life upside down. Sometimes in love, we get thrown off balance and feel all consumed. We might shirk off other responsibilities to focus on our new intoxicating feelings.

But the Love card is very harmonious. The fact that it is a number 2 in the deck helps with this as well.

Feeling deserving of love has a lot to do with self-love. As one of my favorite spiritual leaders, Ru-Paul, says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Practicing self-love and self-acceptance is a major part of any relationship. And the Love card is here to make that a little easier.

What once has felt tricky or difficult to accept about yourself, will feel a little easier this week. You feel a softness in the air and that will help with love in all ways.

The pairing of the Love card with The Magus is a great thing. It tell us that signs, communication and intention will be important when it comes to our love energy.

The Magus is a powerful figure that understands the inter-connectedness of the Universe. He reads signs and hears the hidden messages from the world.

He communicates with Universe often and performs his actions with intention. Because of this, he meets the right people, picks up the right book and hears the right song at the right time.

Be like the Magus this week and look out for how the Universe is guiding you. The signs are leading you to your new love!

Whether is a new romantic relationship, a job, or a city, your next love is around the corner. The Magus is using his magic to show us the way. But you have got to keep your eyes clear, your ears sharp and your heart open.

Look out for the messages little babies! And don’t block them but thinking you are undeserving. It is all there for you.

The crystal with the reading is Lapis Lazuli. It helps bring about clear communication and lets us speak with intention.

Mantra for the week: Love is all around me and I see the signs. I deserve to feel the power of love and I’m not afraid.

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