Tarot Reading for the Week of June 19-25 2017

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Fortune and The Aeon

Oh babies, fortune maybe my favorite card.

It is the beautiful reminder that we need to set our sights high. It is the loud reminder not to limit our dreams. It is warm reminder that universe wants to give you the all you desire, you just have to ask for it.

What is lovely about humans is that we all want really similar things: loving relationships, healthy bodies, fulfilling work, and a sense of peace.

The flavor maybe different for each person, but the general desires are really similar.

The great thing about being part of this world is that the universe wants to give us everything! The trick is to believe we deserve it and then to ask for what we want.

But that is so much harder than it seems. And we have work to do little boos!

We need to unlearn a lot of those old messages that tell us to accept less than we deserve. Those messages that tell us we are not worthy of love. And those messages that say fulling and peaceful lives are for other people.

I am sorry for anyone that has hurt you in past and anything that has made you question if you are deserving. You are.

We have all had those experiences that have made us question if we can truly have the life we want. I know I have have many doubts about my ability to fulfill my dreams.

But Fortune wants us to know, the first and most powerful step to achieving your goals is believing you are deserving. Let me say that again, the FIRST and most POWERFUL step is believing YOU ARE DESERVING!

The Aeon card is also referred to as Judgement, Atonement, or Resurrection. The Thoth deck shows the goddess Nuit, a primal sky goddess’ arched body over our heads representing immortality.

A transparent child figure stands inside the arch and a ruler figure is behind him. Both figures represent the Egyptian God Horus, first as child and then as leader. Horus is seen as a god of redemption because he killed the god that murdered his father.

This card represent the ever present child and adult energy inside of us. It also points to the healing of the inner child inside us. This healing is so important in order to be in our healthy adult state. We must love, forgive, and stand up for our inner youth to feel connected and powerful now.

In order to believe we are deserving of our dreams we must heal these old wounds. What hurt you when you were young? How can you confront, grieve and mend those wounds?

This will take work and maybe painful but I promise you it will be so worth it. This will lead to your best life. This will lead to your fortune.

This is not something that can be done in a week. But this process can start now, maybe through journaling, maybe through counseling, or maybe through conversations with your family.

I believe in you little babies. I can’t wait to see the beautiful journey you are about to start. It will lead to so much joy.

Mantra for the week: As I heal my inner child, I  believe I am deserving of a life full of love and happiness.

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