Tarot Reading for the Week of May 1-7, 2017

weekly tarot reading

Fortune and The Universe

Well my goodness! These are two of my most favorite cards in all of Tarot. They both epitomize the best life has to offer.

With Mercury going direct this week and the Moon waxing away, it is a perfect time for these beautiful cards.

Fortune has a very clear message: to set our sights high! We often limit ourselves with small goals and small asks, but Fortune says reach for the stars.

We cannot see what is beyond our own dreams. However their is no limit with Fortune because the Universe will set our sights even higher than what we can personally imagine.

Fortune is ruled by the bountiful god Jupiter (in Greek mythology, Zeus). Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and without Jupiter’s gravitational pull, our planet would not be intact.

For life on Earth to exist we need to have the right elements, we need to be a perfect distance away from the Sun and we need a big planet like Jupiter to help shield us from asteroids and comets.

Without Jupiter we would not be here. So Jupiter is our good luck charm and our protector. And its energy is helping to open doors and bring prosperity.

But here is the trick little chickens, we have to ask for it! The Universe and the special powers of Jupiter cannot bring us what we want, or even greater, if we don’t ask.

So let’s put those intentions out there. I really encourage making a vision board this week. Put everything you wish for and do NOT censor or limit yourself.

Place your vision board somewhere you can look at everyday and drink in the dreams you have for yourself.

Jupiter wants to give us the highest and best, we just have to let it know what direction we want to go!

And if we are currently in a less than desirable situation, the energy of this card will aid our movement out. From that new place, we can set our intentions for the future.

The Universe is the best partner for the card of Fortune. While Fortune asks us to be clear with our desires and not limit ourselves, The Universe asks us to just enjoy our freaking lives!

It is such a gift to be alive in the first place. So many incredible things had to go right to bring us here today.

The Universe supports the realization of the beauty of the world. It helps us to absorb what is around us.

With all that goodness, we have to remember to enjoy it. Like the golden creature on the card, we need to dance and soak it all in.

How will you soak it in this week? When will you take time to marvel in beauty of the planet?

If you take time to appreciate what is good in your life now, that energy will help you cultivate even more.

The crystal for this reading is Citrine. Citrine is all about positivity and feeling grateful.

Mantra for this week: “I set my sights high. The Universe and the lucky planet Jupiter set them even higher. I appreciate all I have now, which attracts more goodness to my life.”

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Nikki Fogerty

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