Tarot Reading for the Week of May 22-28, 2017

weekly tarot reading

Before I get into this week’s reading, I would like to share with you a poem by the poet Richard Garcia:

“The clouds pass in a blue sky

Too white to be true

Before winter sets in

The trees are spending all their money

I lie in gold

Above a green valley

Gold falls on my chest

I am a rich man.”

I share this poem because The Universe and The 10 of Disks are asking us to see how we are a rich man. What is our gold and what makes us feel wealthy? (Other than a large bank account of course).

The Universe card is about taking stock of what is going well in our lives. It is about seeing all that you have accomplished and really taking that in.

So often we live from a place of deficit. We think about what we are lacking and how we can get to the next level. We look at others’ lives and hold them against our own.

Comparing yourself to anyone else is the complete opposite message of The Universe card, so don’t do it.

The Universe tells us to feel into our bodies. Take in all the beauty our senses can absorb and lastly, dance. I mean really dance.

Put on some music this week and move your body. This simple act will activate The Universe card and allow you to feel more connected to yourself. It will also help with what all spiritual practices try to help us with: being present.

The 10 of Disks, also called Wealth, is reemphasizing the message of the Universe. Yes, material wealth is part of this card, but it is also about physical, emotional, and relational wealth.

How are you wealthy with friends? With health? With joy? How can we count these as part of our riches?

While you are dancing this week, think about your closest friends, your last great meal, how great it is to have a body at all!

I can guarantee this combination of dancing while having a mindset of gratitude, will leave you feeling very energized.

So get grooving little ones!

Mantra for the week: “I am rich. I have wealth beyond measure. I am grateful.”

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