Tarot Reading for the Week of May 29-June 4, 2017

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The Knight of Cups and the 9 of Swords

We are thinking big! We have goals! We are driven!

This is all so good little ones. I see the wheels turning as we start to set our sights on the future. We are putting details to our dreams and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The Knight of Cups shows me that we are striving towards a specific goal. There is something we have in mind and we feel a strong urge to turn into reality.

As the knight is reaching towards a heavenly chalice in the sky, a reference to the Holy Grail, he is single minded in his approach.

His focus is strong and his energy is fierce. His wings rise him to his dreams and he reaches out to grab them.

But just like most stories of the Holy Grail, it is not an easy journey. There are ups and downs and a lot of false roads. However, the Knight of Cups is here to tell you that you can achieve it.

But before we reach out and grab the things we want, there is one major thing we have to overcome: ourselves.

The 9 of Swords, also known as Cruelty, is here to tell us that the obstacle to our success is us.

We are so gosh darn hard on ourselves!

We are meant to be here and we doing the best that we can. So many of us are working our cute little buns off. So why we gotta be so cruel?

I know we have the best intentions and we want to push ourselves to better. But what starts to happen is we are too critical and we get in our own way.

We need to be our own cheerleader, believing we can do it. We need to reinforce the idea that we are successful and can make anything happen.

As cheesy as it sounds, putting little note reminders that say “You can do it!” will help bring out your inner cheerleader. Put one on the fridge, bathroom mirror and your computer at work.

Be specific and visualize yourself achieving your goal and how good it will feel. Let your body take in that feeling of accomplishment.

Really focus on the details to your dream and do not censor yourself. Keep encouraging your inner knight to stay on the path to your own version of the Holy Grail.

I am so excited to see what you will achieve. The Knight of Cups will be guiding you all the way.

The crystal with this reading is Black Tourmaline. It is used to clear toxins and negativity from spaces. It will help remove that harsh and critical thinking.

Mantra for this week: I can do it! I am amazing! I will make my dream a reality! I kiss negative self-talk goodbye!

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