Taurus New Moon Ritual April 2020

taurus new moon ritual

The Taurus New Moon on April 22, 2020, is a great time to set intentions for what you would like to bring into your life.

While our lives may feel a little chaotic, we are being called to focus on what we wish to attract and to think about the seeds we wish to plant for our future.

Taurus energy is about slow, methodical building, so while we can set these intentions and plant seeds, we need to be patient and ensure that we are making progress day by day.

In this ritual, you will be guided to set an intention and then to breakdown your intention into actionable building blocks.

Taurus New Moon Ritual 2020

This ritual can be done anytime, but is best done between April 20- May 5, 2020

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice (eg. sage, incense, oil sprays, etc.)
  • April Guided Meditation
  • 3 pieces of paper and Pen
  • Colored pencils/markers (optional)
  • Crystal of your choice (if you need inspiration, read this)


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and then your surroundings and ritual ingredients, using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following-

(Please ensure you are standing as you cleanse your aura, and be sure to circle your entire body including the bottom of your feet.)

“I release and let go of all that no longer serves me. All the pains, all the hurts, all the things that I have been carrying that have been weighing on my soul are now being swept away. I feel supported, I feel held by the ground beneath me, I feel guided by the heavens. I feel lighter now, I am at peace. I am at peace. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings and ritual ingredients, feel free to recite the following-

“My space is filled with the energy of light and love. All that is dense, all that is heavy, all energies that are no longer needed in the space are now melting away. My space is a place of joy, security, and protection. My space is the perfect haven to support my spiritual growth and what I need in this moment. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Place your crystal in your lap and begin meditating using the April Guided Meditation track.

3.) Next, take your pen and paper and write down 5 things you would like to attract into your life. Be as specific as you can.

4.) Of the 5 things that you wrote down, select the one that stands out to you the most and write it down on another piece of paper.

5.) Underneath the intention that you chose, make a list of all the things that need to happen in order to make that intention a reality. Write down everything you can possibly think of.

For example, if your chosen intention was to get a new job, your list may include- apply for jobs, update resume, go back to school, develop skills, money for education, get hired, network, job opportunities, etc.

Or if you chose something like, to be healthier, you would write all the steps needed to get to that point like eating well, meal prepping, drinking more water, exercising daily, etc.

6.) Now with your list in front of you, circle the things that are actually in your control right now.

7.) Look at the things that are in your control and see if you can start creating space to bring them into your reality, even if it’s just in a small way.

If you like, you can write your intention and the things that are in your control on another sheet of paper using your colored pens and markers. Decorate it and then hang it up somewhere to see daily.

8.) Now, take your list of 5 intentions that you wrote first and hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand. Program your crystal by reading your intentions to the crystal. Really visualize your intentions going into the crystal.

9.) The ritual is now complete. Keep the things that you wrote down for reflection at a later date, or as mentioned, hang them up so you can see them regularly. Sleep with your crystal by your bedside for three nights and carry it with you whenever possible.

Happy New Moon!

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