Taurus New Moon Ritual May 2018

taurus new moon ritual

The Taurus New Moon on May 15 is all about change. Change can be scary at first, but change is how we grow, change is how we evolve, and the more we can accept the changes that come, the easier we can navigate through our lives.

It is important to remember also that no change happens on its own. All changes are part of a much bigger web that go beyond just you. Every change in direction creates a ripple effect that can be felt across the entire Universe, and this effects us all, whether we realize it or not.

We are all connected, we are all one, and together our actions and thoughts create the world that we live in. We are all responsible for life on this Earth, we are all a thread in the bigger tapestry.

Along with this energy of change, the Taurus New Moon also greets us with a new beginning, and a new way of looking at things.

The May 15th New Moon may bring some surprising changes over the coming weeks, or it may shake up your life in a new way, but by accepting, going with the flow, and remaining in the vibration of gratitude, you will just sail on through.

This ritual is designed to help you to bring acceptance and gratitude into your life, no matter what has been happening.

Taurus New Moon Acceptance and Gratitude Ritual 

This ritual is best done May 12th-20th, 2018

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Bowl of water
  • Flowers or something that makes you feel connected to earth
  • Your favorite essential oil (earthy smells may be a better fit as Taurus is an earth sign, but use whatever you prefer)
  • Candle
  • Spray bottle (optional)


1.) Start by cleansing and smudging your aura and space. Always begin with your aura first and then move onto your space. As you cleanse, recite this affirmation, or write your own-

“I am one with light and love, I am one with grace. Please clear and cleanse all that pulls me down and all that needs to go. Please clear and cleanse so I feel light, so I feel strong. I am/this space is a radiant channel of light and only love can enter. And so it is.”

2.) Light your candle and set up all your ritual ingredients in front of you. Take 5 deep breaths in and out, breathing deep into your belly. Take your bowl of water and begin gently stirring it with your finger in a clockwise direction. Repeat a few times quietly to yourself-

“I am so grateful for Mother Earth. I always feel provided for. Mother Earth holds me, I always feel secure.”

3.) Next, place your flower in the bowl of water along with a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Place your hands around the bowl of water and breathe deeply for a moment here. Feel thankful for Mother Earth and all that she provides for you. Breathe in the beautiful oil that she has provided for you.

4.) Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center. Think about a recent change or something confronting that is coming up for you. Perhaps you are dealing with a bad boss, or perhaps you recently ended a relationship. Just think about whatever is troubling you, or whatever changes are making you uneasy. Try to just focus on one.

5.) Think about the situation you have chosen, feel into it. Go through it all in your mind while keeping your hands on your heart. Now find 10 things you can be grateful for around this situation. Really challenge yourself to think about the good that has come from it.

Example- “I am grateful for my challenging boss as it is helping me to grow and learn the value of standing up for myself.” Or “I am grateful for the time I spent with (ex-partner) as it taught me what I really need in my relationships moving forward.”

You can repeat this process for other situations or areas of your life also.

6.) Once you have come up with 10 things that you feel grateful for around this situation, notice what thoughts and feelings have arisen for you now. Notice if any solutions or new ways of looking at things have emerged. Notice and feel that all things in our life have a beauty as long as we open ourselves to it.

7.) With this feeling in mind, hold onto your bowl of water one last time. Really allow yourself to accept the situation or changes that have occurred. Really feel into all that you feel thankful for. Repeat quietly to yourself- “thank you”

8.) Take your bowl of water and leave it in a safe space to charge overnight. In the morning, you can place your water into a spray bottle and use it whenever you need a boost of gratitude or acceptance. Alternatively, you can wash your hands and body in the water and allow the gratitude water to soak into your being.

Happy Taurus New Moon!

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