That Guy….


Yes we all do it.

With each other; at work, with your family, on the phone, in a cafe, with your irritating half brothers little brother… or talking to yourself; at work, to family, on the phone, in a cafe, with your irritating half sisters little sister, on the loo… Lets stop right there. You know where I’m headed. The everyday ramblings consciously and subconsciously of “the voice”, (and I’m not referring to the singing contest).

How do you feel energetically when YOU are talking? Having a one on one conversation? Within a group? In an interview? Audition? On stage to an auditorium? How does fear play a part in what we say, and more so- how we say it?

If one is not feeling a certain level of comfort within their own sense of being then communication is highly affected. What is said, how it is said, the level of conviction, the openness to laugh, the vocal tone and resonance- the list goes on…

Have you ever walked out of an important meeting and thought to yourself- ” I am so much more “together” than that, I had so much more to offer… but I just sounded like a complete ning-nong!” Chances are you probably didn’t, however we can all “feel” when we ARE confidently communicating.

Let me pose a further thought. How heavily is your speech and communication influenced by your “perceived” surroundings, and how much is coming from the truth and trust within you? Would that important meeting have gone WAY differently if you hadn’t put the “other person” on a pedestal? Would you have spoken more clearly and fluently if you “perceived” that person to have the same sense of “ranking” (or resume) as your child, your best buddy, or your neighbour?

Every one is worthy. Every one matters. However when “the other” takes precedence over or above your own self worth- this is when the matrix unravels, (and your heart races and your tongue begins to tie itself into a sailors knot.)
Having an awareness of what psychological and physiological state you are in before, during, and after these “testing times of communication” can profoundly alter the course of your connection to people.

We are all the same. If she’s wearing Armani or she’s donning a thrift shop ensemble. If he’s been to Harvard, or he lives in Uganda. If that guy works for the UN, or that gal owns a cheese factory. We are all one. From somewhere, existing now, then going somewhere else. So why should you be any less confident in you because you “perceive” you are any different? We were born with a voice. To use for a reason. To speak our truth. To connect.

So next time that meeting rolls back around…. Breathe in. Breathe out. Know you are worthy. We all are.

And that guy…. well he goes to the loo too.

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