The Astrology of the October Full Moon 2015

astrology of the october full moon

The October Full Super Moon will light up the sky on the 27th bringing a welcome change of energy to all that has been transpiring in recent months.

October’s Full Moon has an earthy, yet romantic quality and will bring a new wave of calm and peace to all that has been unfolding in recent months.

Since September we have all been dealing with many changes and interruptions to our energetic flow and now this Full Moon will allow us to find a sense of peace and calm again.

The gentle dusting of energy bought by this Full Moon will allow us all to restore and recharge our batteries and perhaps even feel more comfortable with our situation and where we are at.

Because this Full Moon falls in the earthy sign of Taurus, we may also be given the opportunity to feel a sense of grounding or stability in our lives and evaluate what we are truly striving to achieve.

In fact, this Full Moon is the perfect time to weigh up where we need more stability or structure as we will surely be guided as to how to achieve it.

We will also be given the opportunity to reflect on our values and habits and perhaps even adjust the way that we have been choosing to deal with certain situations.

In recent months, the habits that have been holding us back and causing us to repeat the same mistakes have really been pushed to the forefront for our observation and clearing, and now this Full Moon will allow us to put some new strategies into place.

These strategies will allow us to better deal with certain situations and will stop us from falling into old cycles, patterns and bad habits.

If this has been resonating for you recently, use the beautiful energy of this Full Moon to lay down some new ‘rules’ or boundaries for yourself so you can begin establishing positive habits or patterns in your life.

Romance will also be in the air with this Full Moon, however it is not just limited to relationships.

Now is definitely the time to tap into the Divine Feminine and Masculine self and work on bringing more pleasure, play and intimacy into our daily lives.

We all have Feminine and Masculine energy within us and they both serve a purpose in order to bring us into wholeness.

Tapping into this dynamic or yin-yang energy is going to help us align with our being and move us closer to the path of our higher purpose.

This dynamic energy will also help us to remain grounded so that we can grow and expand into new heights of consciousness.

Now is also the time to really get in touch with your passions and desires and work on making them a reality.

If you have a goal, whether it be for your career, relationships or self-development this Full Moon is the perfect time to put a plan into action.

Use this energy to really work on manifesting your highest dreams and goals for yourself and watch how you are guided to bring them to fruition.

Another amazing opportunity that this Full Moon brings is the chance to connect with your higher self and the spirit world.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to reach out to your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels and tap into your intuition or dreams in order to receive guidance.

If you have ever thought of expanding or tapping into your psychic abilities or gifts of mediumship, this Full Moon will also be the perfect time to welcome or invite this energy into your life.

This energy is also excellent for creative pursuits so if you work in a creative industry, definitely use this Full Moon to help you along.

This Full Moon will really call all of us to be kind to ourselves, to trust in what is around us and to really step into a strong place of spirituality and Divinity.

Use its energy to align with your higher self and to trust that things are going to get easier and more enjoyable as the year comes to a close.

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