The Energy Fields Among Us

Having an awakening can be a scary, beautiful and amazing thing. In many ways, it implies that you were sleeping or unconscious in your past and that you have now risen above, received a message or gained some kind of deep or spiritual enlightenment.

What is an awakening and how do you know when you have one?

You will know.

There are no two ways about it. This was one of the crazies, coolest, deepest, most spiritual, most enlightened times of my life.

I would describe my awakening as an experience like none other, when the conscious, subconscious, spirit, soul, mind, body, heart and all things that I am (and am not) came into sync, and my reality was changed, improved and enlightened forever.

In fact, speaking of reality, I believe that a true, deep awakening doesn’t even happen in this reality that we know in our day to day.  Mine sure didn’t.

My awakening happened somewhere between my eyes and the beautiful darkness that is when I close them.

The next thing I know, I’m seeing beautiful rays of light, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors moving in various directions inside this box. I’m an observer of this box of energy.

I feel my body smile in amazement at this box of lights and energy, and this moment truly defines everything for me. This smile was the single most enlightening moment of my life.

I saw, felt, heard, smelt, and tasted that smile on a level that I have never experienced before. In a way that I would guess not many in this world experience. I experienced the energy of that single smile on an almost infinitely deep level.

That smile showed me how truly amazing, powerful and beautiful my energy was received in the world around me.

I slowly realized that this smile in this box of energy, was my energy. And, how it was affecting the world around me.  It was a visualization, a demonstration of my energy, and when I smile, as little as a smile, suddenly this box of energy erupts and moves the meters of lights and energy all over the place. It’s showing me how impactful my energy is to the world around me, and how impactful the energy around me is to me, and the universe.

As little as a smile has immeasurable effect on the energy and world around us.

As I continue, I start to see more examples of this box of energy and how the box isn’t really a box, and that it’s just around me all the time. Like a parallel universe of energy that’s always around.

For those of you who have seen people, animals, or anything that is deceased in body, you know that the body is not WHO we are- we are 100% the energy inside it.  

Almost any identification or label with that body and what it does or what it calls itself takes us out of our conscious energy and puts us into our unconscious.

 All my life, I have always identified with my body and what I am literally doing in my day to day, I’m a very grounded person and can easily accomplish goals and tasks. Sometimes to a fault where ALL I focus on is what I want to accomplish in a literal form.

Energy doesn’t think like that. The energy that is us inside of us wants to be appreciated and respected just as much as our literal outward energy.

I used to “forget” to slow down and enjoy moments around me. I used to get so carried away in the day to day, task to task, goal to goal mindset that I commonly associate “myself” with being “good” at.

Until I realized it’s not about that. Not for me. I’ve mastered that.

When you are really tuned in, energetically to the world around you it makes it REALLY hard to do things that aren’t conscious. To do things without thinking about them or to do things that aren’t in your higher interests is really difficult. It’s not impossible, and it does happen, but much less.

The shift is like suddenly being given an extra sense that you didn’t know you had access to. It’s overwhelming at first, and the feeling doesn’t go away completely unless you become less conscious again.

I think we have a bad habit of taking moments in our lives for granted, at least I do, and I’ve been fortunate to have been able to open up my eyes.


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