The Hawaiian Healing Art of Ho’oponopono


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice. While the traditional method involves many different steps and processes, the modern version has been simplified down to just four steps. These steps involve the chanting of four simple mantras-

  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

These simple mantras hold incredible healing power, not only for yourself, but for others too.

Ho’oponopono first gained attention when Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len used the method to cure criminally insane patients without confronting them or talking to them once. Instead, he focused his attention on each patient while reciting the mantras.

Remarkably, the patients began to be cured and his work became famous all over the world. In fact, his cure rate was so high that the particular ward of the Hawaii State hospital ended up closing down.

According to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, he healed these patients by working on himself. He asked himself- “What is going on in me that I am creating this experience?” And then used the mantras to clear and release the shared “data” or karma he had with these patients.

We are all one and we are all responsible for the world we are creating. Collectively, we create the world that we live in and we draw experiences into our lives that help us grow and mirror what we need to learn.

By taking responsibility for everything that comes our way, and clearing it through forgiveness and love, we can clear the “data” that is playing out in our subconscious and change how we experience or perceive other people and the world around us.

As Dr. Len states, “If I see you as being crazy, it is only my experience of you, so if I clear that, I can no longer see you as that.”

By taking responsibility, forgiving and loving himself and these patients, he was able to bring healing to them and himself.

There is a lot more to Ho’oponopono than just reciting the 4 mantras, however this simplified version is so powerful that you can feel the benefits and notice the effects almost instantly.

Ho’oponopono is a fantastic healing tool for:

  • Clearing karmic ties/past life issues with another person
  • Healing relationships
  • Letting go of ex-lovers
  • Finding peace with a loved one who has passed
  • Mending family connections
  • Clearing energy

The beauty of Ho’oponopono is that you don’t need to involve the other person or call up your ex to clear the air. You can simply do it on your own and receive all the healing benefits.

Here’s how to practice:

First, think about the person that you want to heal your relationship with. Visualize them in your mind, but know that when you are doing this work, it is truly about you. The other person is just a mirror to access the part of you that needs to be healed.

1. “I am Sorry”

Apologize to the person. Apologize to them for anything and everything. This step is about taking responsibility for your involvement and your energy that contributed to the situation. You may have not caused the situation, but you are responsible for the situation now that it is in your life. By saying sorry, you start to clear away the karmic or energetic patterns or ties that may have brought this situation into your life.

2. “Please Forgive Me”

Now that you have apologized for anything and everything, you must ask for forgiveness. This is about forgiving yourself, so you can clear the energy between you and the other person, or the situation. Allow yourself to feel that forgiveness has been granted to you. Allow yourself to feel free from all that you apologized for. No matter what you have done, you are forgiven.

3. “Thank You”

Thank the person not just for forgiving you but for everything. Thank them for the contribution they made to your life and the lessons they have taught you. Thank them for being a part of your life. Thank them for revealing this part of you, and for giving you this opportunity to heal this energy. Thank yourself too, for taking this step and for allowing yourself to be healed.

4. “I Love You”

Send the person waves of your love. Think about how much you love them, tell them how much you love them. This step is about honoring their soul, the deeper part of them that is just like you. Depending on your relationship with the person, this step may be the hardest, but try your best to open your heart and find a way to love this person.

As you recite the mantras, even though you are directing them towards another person the healing energy is also reflected back to you.

Ho’ponopono heals both individuals, and helps to clear any past life or karmic ties you may have with the person.

For best results, the Ho’ponopono mantras should be practiced daily for at least 30 days, or until you have achieved the desired results.

I have personally found this technique to be very powerful, and it has helped me to find comfort and clear guilt during the grieving process.

Ho’oponopono is a great and simple healing tool that you can do at anytime to bring peace and harmony to all your relationships. The practice feels very cleansing and freeing, and the effects are powerful and noticeable.

Try it for yourself and see how it works for you. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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