The Impact of Intimate Energy

Be mindful with whom you share your intimate energy with.

Being intimate and creating a deep connection with someone creates an opportunity for your aura, or energy to intertwine with the other persons.

These energy exchanges are often powerful and can expose you to a lot of different energies, especially if you are a sensitive being.

At any level of intimacy, absorbing another persons energy is inevitable, which is why its important to ensure that you are mindful over who you are mixing your energy with.

I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be – Lisa Chase Patterson

Beautiful, positive and radiant energy is absorbed from having intimate relations with positive, uplifting and loving people. Just the same, engaging with negative, unstable and pessimistic people will bring you down.

Accumulating unwanted energy is part of daily life however, cleansing your aura is a great way to clear unwanted energy.

7 Ways to Cleanse your Aura:

#1 Epsom Salts

Adding Epsom Salts to your bath will wash away dirt, both physically and energetically.

#2 The Ocean 

Abundant in salt and minerals, taking a swim in the ocean will help cleanse your aura and draw out some of its psychic debris.

#3 The Sun

Exposure to bright light stimulates the removal of negative vibrations. Exposing yourself to sunlight promotes your own energy flow.

#4 Aura Meditation

This energy-based aura meditation promotes relaxation and the release of negative vibrations, much like basic meditation. Aura meditation has two functions; it grounds you and centres you.

Encouraging you to be present, the grounding component of this meditation strengthens the energy connection between your body and the planet.

The centering component promotes a sense of self-awareness, non-judgement and neutrality.

In developing your awareness of energy, aura meditation releases any personal blocks and allows you to connect with higher spiritual dimensions.

#5 Reiki 

Reiki is a form of aura healing that involves drawing out unwanted energies from your body.

#6 Feeling your Emotions

Sometimes we cling onto emotional baggage from previous relationships or experiences. It could be months or years before this blocked energy is acknowledged and released. Having congested your spiritual energy system, this emotional energy is itching to be released.

#7 Expressing yourself creatively

Being creative stimulates a flow of energy and the release of energy blocks. Engaging in something that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about also gives you a ‘creative high’ which in turn can raise your vibration.

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