The Journey to True Love

Love, the never boring and ever interesting topic that keeps us all in its hands. No wonder the internet is overflowing with articles about love, courses are blasted out about how to find your soulmate and books are printed on how to attract the perfect match. A tad bombarded, aren’t ya?

For ages, as long as mankind has existed on the planet, love has been both a magical blessing and a major issue. Poems have been written, tears have been shed, and yes… some even murder in its name. It’s this enigma that moves us in our core being, that leaves us shaken and broken at times, and yet we keep going back for more. Like the ultimate drug, there is this dance that we exercise, just to discover that we probably need to detox from it every so often. I mean, unless you actually have won the lottery at one of the “Attract Your Soulmate” workshops.

Not to sound too modern here, but true love really does start with yourself. The folks that seem to be the happiest and finally get to meet their greatest match in life are usually the ones that have done some serious internal diving and truly embodied themselves to be THE ONE. So to be able to have the one in your life, you have to be clear on what you want, what you don’t want, but more than anything you absolutely have to be in the know of BEING love. You see, your soulmate was there all along, right inside of you.

When you meet yourself, in deep acceptance and joyful love, you will find that most of your needs are met and anything else on top that (as in a person in the physical world) is a great bonus on top of your great love life with yourself.

To embody love is not an easy job at first, but then after a while it actually becomes a flowy, and very much real thing inside of you that starts manifesting outward and around you. If you spread shine, the universe has no excuse but to give you shine back. Sure, the road gets bumpy every now and then (it does for all of us, trust me on that one) but overall, life will have a new purpose. You can be a dentist assistant or a guru on a mountain, your worth in love is equal if you become what you seek.

So hey, stop obsessing over that one magical meeting, and start with yourself. I’d love to hear about your journey if you have the guts to share it. It is definitely a deep trail to travel off onto, but so worth it.

Much love to you, from my Heart of Hearts.

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