The Lionsgate 88 Portal

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What is the Lionsgate 88 Portal?

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is the opening of a galactic gate that delivers high-frequency energy into our beings, allowing us to rebirth our spirit energy and the spirit energy of Mother Earth. This high-frequency energy can be used to open our energy centers, inspire new ideas, raise our consciousness, and enhance our ability to receive psychic downloads.

How is the Portal Activated?

The Lionsgate Portal is activated by the the rising of the star Sirius, this takes place from the end of July all through the middle of August, however the numerology of 8/8, and the Sun reaching the halfway point or 15 degrees of the Leo zodiac at this time (the peak of Lion energy), has made August 8, the day we celebrate the portal.

Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun, so the rising and return of Sirius was seen by ancient astrologers as the rebirth of our spirit energy and the spirit energy of the planet. The rising of Sirius also corresponded with the rainy season and the flooding of the Nile, further supporting this idea of rebirth through the nourishing rain. Some cultures also used the rising of Sirius to signify the start of the new year.

Tell me more about Sirius…

Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is known as our Spiritual Sun. While our earthly Sun illuminates our physical world, which is an illusion, our Spiritual Sun illuminates the truth of our timeless soul. The ancients were very in tune with the star Sirus, as they believed it was the gateway to heaven and the home of higher vibrational beings. They believed the energy of Sirius carried highly advanced wisdom that we could tap into and utilize whenever Sirius was strong in the sky.

While our Sun is responsible for beaming down life for our physical bodies, Sirius is responsible for beaming down life for our spiritual bodies. This is why the opening of the Lionsgate Portal can bring awakenings and lift our consciousness to new heights.

In modern astrology, Sirius is associated with freedom and advanced technology.

What significance does 8/8 have?

88 in numerology represents infinity and DNA activation, allowing us to take this Sirius energy and infuse into the very core of our being. We can also unlock and upgrade the memory of our cells allowing us to bring more healing, peace, and love into our being.

Think of the “Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Emoto, which captured the shape of water crystals based on the vibration of their surroundings. Our body is mostly water, and millions of those water crystals live within us. We can use this Lionsgate Portal energy to ensure our crystals are vibrating harmoniously, and are whole and complete in their structure. The number 8 also represents infinity – the infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey that we take.

Why is it called “Lions” Gate?

The Rising of Sirius, which ancient astrologers celebrated as the rebirth of Spirit, happens to occur right in the heart of Leo Season, which is ruled by the Lion. On August 8, the Sun is just past 15 degrees of Leo, which is halfway through the zodiac. Reaching this halfway mark also signifies the astrological midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox. Reaching this halfway mark is said to thin the veil between the realm of spirit and the “3D world”.

What channeled messages around Lionsgate have you received?

In channeled messages, it was shared with me that the Lionsgate Portal is closely connected to the Atlanteans. While this didn’t make sense at first, through some investigating, I discovered that there is a theory that the Atlanteans stored important information in a chamber at the bottom of the Sphinx. While no chamber has ever been discovered, the theory is that as Sirius rises, it acts as a key to unlock this chamber and the information from the Atlanteans. It is not clear if this information is intuitively downloaded and received to those who are open to it, or if there are physical scrolls, tablets, or crystals in an actual chamber. As mentioned, no such chamber has ever been discovered (yet!), however receiving that message from my guides led me on this journey of discovery- so make of it what you will!

Is the Lionsgate Portal 88 portal for dark magic?

All star portals, galactic gateways, or cosmic events can be used for dark magic if that is what is intended. The Lionsgate 88 Portal energy is powerful, but it is there for us to use to celebrate the rebirth and return of our spirit energy. You can use the Lionsgate Portal to call back all the pieces of your spirit that you feel have been lost or hidden along the way. You can use the Lionsgate Portal to rebirth your energy and to feel good inside your body. How you use this energy is up to you, so use your intuition when working with the energy and try not to feed any negative thoughts.

Here are a few things we can set an intention to experience under Lionsgate:

  • Heart healings: the Lionsgate portal activates the heart chakra. Old or even current wounds of the heart may rise up for healing. We may finally feel free from any grief or sadness that has burdened our hearts. For more guidance with this, read How to Open and Clear Blocks in your Heart Chakra.
  • Third eye awakenings: the Lionsgate portal also activates the third eye chakra. We may feel more intuitive or learn something new about the way our intuition speaks to us. Our intuition is likely to be strong and if this is something we want to work with more, the Lionsgate portal is a great time to begin. For more, read how to Open and Activate your Third Eye Chakra.
  • Higher Chakra Openings: while we have seven main chakras or energy centers in our body, we also have hundreds of smaller, more sensitive chakras that can be activated and awakened during the Lionsgate Portal. This helps us to tap into new wisdom and higher spiritual knowledge.
  • Psychic downloads: with the high vibrational energy from Sirus beaming our way, we are more likely to receive psychic downloads. These can come through our dreams, visions, spirit guides and angels, or through simply hearing things while in a state of relaxation. Meditation and automatic writing are great ways to open to this energy and to receive guidance.
  • Visitations: the ancients believed that Sirius was home to heaven, angels, and otherworldly beings. Under the Lionsgate Portal energy, we are more likely to receive messages, dreams, signs, and visits from our loved ones who have passed and from our spirit guides and guardian angels. Encountering alien beings may also be more likely too.
  • Freedom: one of the strongest vibrations from Sirius is this energy of freedom. The idea is that our earthly Sun illuminates this physical world which is an illusion. But Sirius illuminates our soul and spiritual bodies, which is the truth. By understanding this, we gain a sense of freedom.
  • Peace: Sirius has very peaceful vibrations too, so spending time in nature and meditation is a great way to tap into this peaceful energy and use it for healing and restoring your mind, body, and soul.
  • Technology: Sirius is also associated with highly advanced technology. If you have a new tech innovation or would like to start a website, blog, app, or anything else related to technology, this would be great energy to use to your advantage.
  • Creativity: Lionsgate is also a highly creative time and the perfect opportunity to try a new creative project or to take action on a creative project you have been looking to get off the ground.
  • Crystal Readings: To guide you through the Lionsgate Portal energy, I have teamed up with Elina Allais to create a digital download crystal reading. In this reading, you will be shown three crystals. Using your intuition you will choose the image you resonate with the most and receive a guided message. Check out your digital download here. For best results, use after any of the Lionsgate Rituals provided below.

The energy of Lionsgate can connect us with the cosmic skies, galactic frequencies, higher dimensional beings, and our own intuition.

It can also activate heart healings, the expansion of spiritual wisdom, and help us awaken to our true potential.

On Lionsgate 88 set an intention of how you wish to use this energy, and then create a ritual or practice that allows you to harness and work with it.

To guide you with this, I have some guided meditations and ritual resources for you here:

Infinity Cosmic Meditation

Cosmic Healing Meditation

Lionsgate Ritual 1

Lionsgate Ritual 2

Happy Lionsgate 88!

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