How to Open and Clear Blocks in Your Heart Chakra

open and clear blocks from heart chakra

Your heart chakra is the meeting place of your body and soul. It is the bridge or midpoint between the soul that you are and the physical human body that you are.

In this life, we have bills to pay, fears to overcome, an ego to work with, and rules to uphold. But, this is not the sum of who we are.

We are not just a body sent here to pay bills, we are a soul here on a spiritual mission. We are a soul having a human experience and this meeting place of human and soul is the heart chakra.

We have 7 main chakras or energy centers of the body, and the heart chakra, which is located in the chest, is where we learn to walk with our feet on the ground in a stable and secure direction, all while following our soul, our intuition, and the wisdom of the Universe.

Our heart chakra is particularly active during Leo Season, and rules over the chest, the lungs, the breasts, and the circulatory system.

Just like the blood that flows through our veins, our heart chakra has the potential to flow all through our body, bringing us vitality and life force energy. 

Part of the symbol for the heart chakra is six-pointed star made of two triangles- one pointing up and one pointing down.

The upward-pointing triangle symbolizes the need to rise and awaken. The need to strive for better and to elevate our lives. Depending on what our soul journey is, we all have different things that we are learning to rise up from. We all have ways in which we are improving ourselves and our lives. 

The downward-pointing triangle indicates source flowing from the heavens into our being. It symbolizes our need to ground and to follow the rules of society and human constraints, all while remembering who we really are.

Our heart chakra is where the answers to our questions arise. It is the place we can go to figure out what our joy is, what our soul path is, and what our next steps should be. Our heart chakra is where we can bridge our human needs and wants with the desires of our soul. 

When our heart chakra is open and aligned, we feel confident, full of inspiration, and full of purpose.

Whenever we have lost our faith or hope in the world, whenever we are feeling disheartened or closed off to the world or to others, whenever we find that we have lost faith or trust in others, it could be because our heart chakra has closed down.

Our heart chakra is precious and so when heartache, betrayal, pain, and grief come our way, our heart builds walls in order to protect itself.

Left unchecked these walls remain and block us from opening to the love we have for ourselves, for others, and for the world.

When our heart chakra is blocked it can result in:

  • Feeling a lack of purpose
  • Bitterness and anger towards life or others
  • A need to blame or judge others
  • Heart, breast, or circulatory related diseases
  • A hard time trusting others or releasing control
  • A feeling of being lonely or isolated from others
  • Being out of touch or disconnected from your emotions
  • Finding yourself moody, extra sensitive or irritable 
  • Codependency or a need to be overly independent
  • Strained relationships
  • Self-hatred and self-judgment 
  • Feeling “checked out” or indifferent about things that were once important to you

When it comes to dealing with the heart chakra, more love is always the answer. The minute we start beating ourselves up, shaming ourselves, or blaming others, the wall around our heart simply grows stronger.

The way to the heart is with gentle loving kindness. It first starts with ourselves, and then it expands out to others, our life, and then the world.

If you are feeling that your heart chakra is in need of some love. If you are looking to find your joy again, feel love again, or to align your soul with your body, here is a way to activate and open your heart chakra:

How to Open and Awaken the Heart Chakra:

1.) Sit in a quiet, comfortable position. If you can, do this outside surrounded in nature. Take 3-4 deep breaths to settle yourself. Take your hand and place it the center of your chest. 

2.) Begin making circles in an anti-clockwise direction, imagining that you are the clock. (Hand will circle to your right). Repeat this motion 100 times. As you do this, imagine that you are cleansing and releasing and melting away any blockages in your heart chakra. 

3.) Once you have done 100 circles, shake out your hand and start moving it in a clockwise direction (to your left). As you do this, imagine you are sealing and opening your heart chakra. Just observe any sensations that come up for you. Repeat this 100 times. 

4.) Now, rest your hands in your lap, close your eyes and imagine your heart chakra as a beautiful lotus flower. See it as a small bud and then watch it open to reveal a beautiful, bright flower. Hold this image in your mind for as long as you like. 

Repeat this exercise daily for as long as you need. You may notice different sensations or energy vibrations as you create the circles. Listen to your body. If it becomes too intense, you can decrease the number of circles, you can also make them as big or as small as you like. Feel free to also hover your hand a few inches above your chest too if you prefer. Your intuition will be your guide!

Now with your heart chakra clear and opened, here are some tips to follow so you can keep it free of blocks- 

1.) Try to become aware of anything that blocks your heart chakra. Meditate or try to feel in to what habits, memories, fears, or patterns are contributing to the barriers around your heart. If you can also try this journaling exercise-

  • Write at the top of your page- “I have blocked myself from giving and receiving love because….” Set a timer for 20 minutes and then begin writing whatever comes to your mind even if it has nothing to do with the prompt. Keep writing until the timer goes off. Review what you have written and if any insights have come through.

2.) Be open to expressing your true and real emotions. When you squash how you feel or try to cover up your true feelings with a smile, it can also contribute to blockages in this area. Be real with yourself, and don’t be afraid of those heavier, negative emotions. For more guidance on this, check my post- How to be Ok with Anger and Other Negative Emotions. 

3.) Green and pink are the colors associated with the heart chakra, so try to surround yourself with these colors as much as possible. Eating naturally green or pink foods and wearing crystals of these colors can also help. Some of the crystals associated with the heart chakra include emerald, green or watermelon tourmaline, malachite, jade, and rose quartz

4.) Practice lots of self-love! This is not just about having a bubble bath, it is also about setting boundaries, saying yes to yourself and no to others, holding yourself accountable, and taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

5.) Move and stretch your body in a way that allows your chest to open to the world. There are many yoga poses for this or you can try this exercise-

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor and extend your arms out straight in front of you with your thumbs pointing up. Take a deep breath in and then on your exhale open your arms out to the side as wide as you can go. Then inhale to bring your arms back to the center. Repeat this for 30 breaths.

6.) Stimulate the heart chakra using sounds such as singing bowls designed for the heart chakra, bells, gongs, and chanting. The sound “YAM” is linked to the heart chakra, so chant this at different pitches and frequencies and see what resonates with you best.

7.) Rose, Rose Geranium or Peppermint are some of the essential oils associated with the heart chakra. Mix these oils into a carrier oil or plain moisturizer and massage them onto the chest area either after showering or before bed. 

8.) Practice acts of kindness, gratitude, and compassion on a daily basis. The more you bring these emotions into your life, the stronger and more aligned with the vibration of your heart chakra you will become.

9.) Don’t be afraid to let toxic relationships go and keep building and creating positive relationships with others. Building meaningful connections and making eye contact when you interact with others is a great way to help strengthen the heart chakra.

10.) Try to speak and react from the heart as much as possible. Before making a decision, writing an email, or taking action on something, see if you can tune into your heart energy first and see what wisdom or guidance it has. You can even visualize your heart energy floating up into your consciousness and into your throat to coat your thoughts and words.

When you move through the world with your heart chakra open it allows you to connect with the love that you are. It allows you to give and receive love, and to always feel secure and protected in yourself. 

Try some of these steps and see if you can move through the world with an open heart.

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