The Rose of Venus

rose of venus astrology

Every 8 years Venus dances with the Earth forming a perfect geometric pattern that looks like a Rose.

This video shows the geometric pattern that Venus makes from Earth over an 8 year period. It is called the Rose of Venus or the Pentagram of Venus.

Each one of those petals is formed as Venus moves through its 18 month cycle.

After five of these cycles, Venus returns to the same spot where it started, completing the rose or pentagram. Then the cycle begins again with a new rose waiting to be formed.

To break it down so far:

  • The Rose of Venus is a geometric pattern Venus makes with Earth over 8 years.
  • The pattern is made up of 5 Venus cycles which take approximately 18 months each

The Cycle of Venus

There are two important components that make up the cycle of Venus- Venus’ transition from a Morning to an Evening Star, and Venus’ move in and out of retrograde.

Here is a breakdown of the 18 month Venus cycle-

1.) Retrograde Venus Aligns with the Sun

The Venus cycle begins when Retrograde Venus Aligns with the Sun. This is called an inferior conjunction and signifies the start of a new Venus Cycle. This is the rebirth of Venus and shortly after, Venus will turn into a morning star.

2.) Venus Turns Direct

Retrograde Venus turns direct, it is now rising in the morning and is visible as a morning star. Morning star Venus is able to shine its qualities out into the world. It focuses on our relationships with others and the outside world.

3.) Venus Aligns with the Sun

Direct Venus aligns with the Sun. We call this the superior conjunction and is the peak of the cycle. It is at this stage that Venus slowly starts to become an evening star. With Venus as an evening star, our focus turns to self-love.

4.) Venus Goes Retrograde

Evening Star Venus turns retrograde, slipping into the underworld. A new cycle is about to begin.

(The terms inferior and superior conjunction are come from astronomy – in astrology, neither conjunction is better than the other, they are both important.)

After 5 of these cycles, Venus returns to approximately the same spot in the sky as where she began, completing the geometric rose pattern.

I have created a diagram for all the visual learners:

You can think of this like the cycles of the Moon.

The inferior conjunction is like a New Moon and the start of a new cycle.

The Superior conjunction is like the Full Moon phase of the cycle, when Venus is at its peak but also getting ready to go through the “death” phase.

2020 Brings a New Rose

On June 3, 2020, we experience an inferior conjunction (so retrograde Venus aligning with the Sun), but also the end of an 8-year Venus Rose.

June 3, 2020 marks the completion of the Rose because Venus returns to the spot where it started 8 years ago at roughly 13 degrees Gemini.

(The Rose will continue to be completed in the sign of Gemini for many decades to come, but eventually as Venus moves a degree off here and there, it will move into Taurus.)

As Venus is reborn on the 3rd of June, so too are we. All the work, all the effort that we have put in to our heart, our truth, and our inner voice will finally come to fruition and we will emerge as a flower in full bloom.

Dates to watch for this upcoming Venus cycle:

  • June 25th, 2020- Venus stations direct
  • March 26, 2021- Superior Conjunction
  • December 19, 2021- Venus Retrograde

The Petals of Your Own Rose

The rebirth of Venus on June 3rd is a time when the rose is complete. We reach a state of fullness but also new beginnings all at the same time.

Before this date, we may feel like we are going through a sort of death process, and preparing for something new to rise.

A new cycle is beginning and we are clearing the way to make it happen.

Each petal we have so dutifully worked through over these last 8 years also carries a significance we can look at.

The first petal began forming on June 2012:

At this time, a seed was planted deep in your heart. At this time you may have met someone that changed your views or your ways. You may have fallen in love or out of love, or discovered a new love for yourself.

The second petal began forming in November 2014:

At this time, this small seed began to rise up through the darkness and out of the soil. You may have been encouraged to diver deeper and to explore the commitments of your heart. You may have been navigating the new discovery that emerged back in 2012.

The third petal began forming August 2015:

At this time, the little green shoot is growing taller and forming leaves. Ideas are being crystallised, a new vision is slowly emerging. Your heart is being stretched to new dimensions of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

The fourth petal began forming March 2017:

At this time the green shoot forms a tiny bud that is waiting to bloom. There is a new clarity, a deeper sense of understanding. Some of the bigger questions start to make sense. You learn to love like you have never loved before.

The fifth petal began forming October 2018:

At this time the bud is half open, waiting to reveal itself to the world. Over the next 18 months the flower will open and will reveal its truth to the world. A time of embracing your authentic truth.

June 3rd, 2020 the flower has now returned to a seed again so a new one can be planted and begin again. The cycle has been completed, the journey has ended, and a new one is on the horizon.

Tracking the Next Venus Rose Cycle

June 3rd signifies the start of a new Venus Rose cycle, and on this day a new seed will be planted.

On the weeks leading up to this date, you may feel a sense of cleansing and release. You may feel yourself preparing for a new cycle, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Here are the dates of the next inferior conjunctions or remaining 4 petals to come. Track your experience over the years and see what themes your Rose brings:

  • January 9, 2022
  • August 13, 2023
  • March 23, 2025
  • October 24, 2026

June 1, 2028- A new rose begins

The Rose of Venus as seen from Earth is a reminder of the sacred geometry and mystical patterns that always exist in life.

As we walk our journey, we are always encouraged to keep moving forward but also to revisit parts of ourself so we can keep diving in deeper.

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